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NHL Awards

Kanada Kev

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Well, it was a lot of fun going to the awards show last night. It was delayed for a little bit because a fire alarm went off in the theatre. That's OK, had a few beers at the bar and got to have a few words with Probert :) The show was better than last year's to attend. Rubbed elbows with tons of greats and got to chat with quite a few. After sitting in Red Kelly's seat for a while, I spent most of my time in the 5th row sitting beside Martin St. Louis who was a very nice guy. I was sitting where LeCavalier was, but he left after his award.

I'm not an autograph hound at all, but the NHLers were all completely approachable and were signing autographs and getting pics taken with all the kids that were there (a few teams that must have won some contest or something). Shit, they were even hounding them for autographs in the bathroom.

After the awards I got to shake hands with a bunch of players and say hi. The ones that made my night though were the boys from Montreal. To see a few of my childhood heroes was a treat. Gainey, Carbonneau and Muller all together. It was the one time I pulled my camera out. Wish I could have gotten a pic with all of them, but just got this one:


Talking to Carbonneau, I congratulated him on a fantastic season, thanked him for the memories of him playing and wished him well. And for you fuckers here, I was sure to tell him that those sentiments were not only from me, but from the hard core fans here! He was very appreciative. He loves you guys :)

I tried to work my magic and get in to the after party, but it wasn't in the stars this year. I didn't have my security connection and they were super tight at the door. I took the bus there, but got denied :( Bummer. Oh well, i would have been in really rough shape today if I had made it in, but it would have been worth it. I'll have to start working on an angle for next year.

Chara is freakishly tall.

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