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THE BUDOS BAND: Ottawa & Hamilton July 11th & 12th.


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Staten Islands'



are coming to Canada!

Friday, July 11th:

Ottawa: Cisco Bluesfest: Roots Stage: 9:30pm


Saturday, July 12th:

Hamilton: Pepper Jack's: 9:30pm

With Shurelock Groove


38 King William St. (905)525-6666

Watch this video http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=KIUngcfAIEM

With its twenty-two legs, three horns, and hallucinogenic venom, The Budos Band (the unheralded emperors of Instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul) continue to rule. The band entices their listeners to join them for their groundbreaking exploration of funk, afro-beat and soul music. The Budos Band pours themes at once resonant and ethereal over Herculean rhythms.


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You mean you're going to peel yourself(literally not figuratively)off your busted couch, wade through the garbage and feces, claim to have had a shower, come down stairs and cross the road?

I'd pay money just to see that.

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