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New Raps PBP Man

afro poppa

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I just echoed all of this in another thread...


He's gonna be leagues better than the Swizzle, I lost my patience with that skeleton a long time ago. Now they only have to get rid of Routins, who was admirable as a player but leaves much to be desired in a Colour Commentator. I usually say his points before he does and that doesn't really suggest he knows too much... I've never played in an organized game before but we'e on the same level!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Leo never shuts the fuck up and only occasionally says something insightful. The brass behind the various Raptors TV productions are fucking idiots to let Jack Armstrong walk. When he's serious, there's few if any colour guys working in this country smarter or more entertaining than Jack.

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The 6PM Sportsnet newscast said "good-bye" to Jack tonight - alluding to a NYC broadcasting gig for Yankees baseball and the Fucking Knicks. However, Doug Smith wrote today on his Toronto Star blog that Jack is more than likely not going anywhere. I think Doug is wrong.

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