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National Film Board Of Canada Launches New Movie Site, 700 Free Films For Streaming, Linking, And Embedding

by Kris Abel on Wed 21 Jan 2009 02:49 PM EST

You can now embed "The Cat Came Back" into your blog or social profile. Today the National Film Board of Canada launched a new online streaming video service worthy of an ovation. 700 titles from their incredible collection of Canadian films are now available, online, for free at NFB.ca. For the first time you can now share your favorite NFB shorts quickly across the internet, using both links and embed codes across blogs and social networking profiles. "Blackfly", "The Log Driver's Waltz", "Neighbours" they're all there in a format that matches YouTube or Vimeo, in fact better because the NFB includes companion clips that feature artistic commentaries, biographies, and curator's comments. Clearly, the NFB understands that the power of such technology is to get work of this nature seen and they have mastered the way to do so. Yes, the films are still for purchase, in fact icons are included within the online player software for you to order them on DVD, and soon there will be the option to also purchase the films through download, but the most important goal for an organization who supports the production of bold, original, Canadian (and so unknown) films is to introduce them to general audiences. People who know and love films will buy them, but unless you're distributing "Spider-Man 4" it's hard to achieve that first step.

The NFB's Online Screening Room will change that. In addition to this first wave of 700 films, representing work from all regions of Canada and going back to 1928, there will 100 more titles added in the near future plus an additional ten each new month going forward. The site also includes trailers for upcoming NFB releases and cross-references all works based on keyword links and user recommendations.


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