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Terabyte Hard Drive advice


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Ok guys

You need to go to Canada computers... or order online from Tigerdirect.ca

You find the standard sata 7200 rpm




That's OEM... no box, comes in static wrap.

Then buy a sata enclosure... you can decide to go usb, firewire, or esata... My box of choice would be



That's less than $150 for an external sata hardrive.. which is probably better than most 200 - 300 dollar externals :D

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NCIX is usually the cheapest - it's in BC so for small stuff the fact you don't pay GST usually offsets the shipping - I got a D-Link 323 dual SATA HD box - they go on sale for $100-$130...then put 1 or two drives in it since 1TB seems to go on sale around the $120 mark every now and then...dual drives you can make RAID for protection/backup. And the DNS323 has a built in bittorrent client...

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