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Constantines 10th Anniversary shows!


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Constantines are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a pair of shows at Lee's Palace on December 11 and 12, and the GalleryAC pre-sale starts today. Each ticket purchase includes a free, instant download of the "Too Slow For Love" EP. A ticket + vinyl bundle that includes the "Our Age" 7" vinyl is also available for an additional $4 (shipping included). The pre-sale ends Wednesday October 7 at 6PM EST. Full details here.

The show will feature special guests, and many other surprises, more details in the coming weeks.

Tix $23.50

Just got myself one for the Saturday!

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I saw the show last night at the Mo Ho. kick ass rock n roll. the band looked relaxed and confortable. everyone having fun. Lots of old classics and new favorites. The Con's could be my favorite live band these days. It's like a modern day cross between Bruce Springsteen and The Clash.

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Agreed! I saw them last week at The Casbah in the Hammer, and man did they blow me away! They absolutely rocked. I haven't seen them since 2004/2005? and now I remember why I love this band. They played a great mix of old and new tunes. Highlights for me were 'Young Offenders', 'Sub-Domestic', and the always raging Nighttime, Anytime, It's Alright! FIRE IT UP!!

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And she was awesome! Holy Moley, the two guys she's got playing with her right now are sonic. She played a tune with the Constantines too.

Ladyhawk, despite being usually a winner live, had a great start, threw out some new stuff that wasn't very road tested yet but good, and finished with a song from the EP. Overall, the band looked road weary and pissy but I would always recommend to take the chance on seeing them.

And the Constantines, well, are truly ascendant. The songs familiar, but the style in which they are presented are ever changing, tight, and always through the roof with energy.

Not discourage attendance from the other great band playing in T.O. tonight, but to miss this band right now would be to miss what I believe to be the best touring band in Canada today.

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