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House? Beats? I don't know.


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So, I have to build a couple of substantial playlists for work. We have an auction coming up in Phoenix in January, and I need two playlists to run for two full days. The first day we're hosting a British car auction, and i've got that playlist on lock down. The second day we're hosting our normal auction, which has all kinds of classic cars for sale. For this particular day, i'm looking to create a playlist that has more of a euro feel... light, ambient beats.

Thing is, i have no idea where to start. I'm kinda strictly an alt-country, indie kind of girl. I know what I want to hear, but couldn't even begin to know how to look for it. There's a couple of Air France tunes that I think fit the bill, but then after that i have no idea.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or even a genre name that could start me off on a search? This is for background music, while people walk around and check out cars.

Thanks in advance!! :)

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