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Depeche Mode... where to start?


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yeah, violator is a great depeche mode album, but it's from their more evolved, slick period. personally, i would recommend Some Great Reward, Black Celebration or Construction Time Again to really get a good sense of how innovative the band truly is. even Speak & Spell - their first and only album with founder Vince Clarke (Yaz, Erasure) - is a fantastic place to start.

but yeah, if he just wants one album, go for violator. if he wants the whole deal, start from the beginning and enjoy it all because you just cant get enough.

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...start from the beginning and enjoy it all because you just cant get enough.

Nice one!

Thanks for all the help.

Here's some 8bit DepMo to get you through the holidays! (I should have just told buddy to start with this gem and look no further!)


Zip file

"A monstrous gameboy megamix paying tribute to the bad boys of Depeche Mode, spanning over 14 minutes of nonstop chiplove, and using every last pattern of lsdj from 00 thru FE! Equally suited for use when dancing in front of the mirror alone in your bedroom or rocking the crowd to the ground at your next mega dance party! Tracks 1 thru 4 are offered in a single mp3 to ensure a seamless mix. Bonus track 5 takes the sweetest cuts of the megamix and offers them up in a powerpacked mini serving!"

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