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10 years ago, Big Cypress


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Coming up on a decade since the legendary Phish festival that to this day is the greatest concert spectacle I have ever witnessed.

Lots of stories to share that I can't wait to tell over the next week or so. I am sure you guys will do the same.

Me and my buddy Mike had to "call in sick" from the Orlando airport, on the same phone call. I mean, I called in sick, then passed the phone to Mike.

It was a hilarious start to a wild few days.

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if you have 26GB to spare you can own the video...


"Project Midnight Sunrise"


Big Cypress Reservation, FL

thanks to DrRock, Captain_Kirk, and cowhork

for donating their video footage. Thanks to gesymth and eastcoastfunk for help seeding.


Source: Neumann U89(omni Setting) Split 12' -> Apogee AD1000 FOB -> 44.1k master

Audio Coding mode: DVD_LPCM_AUDIO

Audio Bitrate: 1536 kbps, 16 bit 48khz


TV system: NTSC

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s

Menus Included

editing and sync done in Vegas 6.0, authored in Pinnacle Studio 9

by TeddyDunski.

Source 1: ~5.5 hours of video on DVD I recieved in a trade about a year ago,

believed to be from the same taper as the 12/30 and 12/31 afternoon sets.

Mostly shot from left side of stage pretty close up.

Source 2: ABC Proshot footage ~ 1 hour

Source 3: From DrRock - Same as source 1 but more complete and from VCD. This was used to patch,

although the final hour is believed to be a different source,

Source 4: From Captain_Kirk - Captain_Kirk's personal footage shot from right side of stage,

pretty close up, first gen VHS.

Source 5: From cowhork - Sony hi-8 video walkman >

mounted in tapers section, recieved as DVD's

Midnight->Sunrise Set: (7h 53min 23sec total runtime)

screencaps are at:



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Does anyone who was there ever hear Here Comes the Sun without remembering that moment vividly? The bass kick from the tower just behind me snapped me slightly back to reality.....

Was kind of waiting to hear SKing chime in on this thread.... He appeared out of nowhere, charging towards our crew after having given up on being close- during Piper and seeing his glowing face and pumping fists was enough for me to make it well past dawn. One of my most fond concert memories of all time.

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