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ROLL CALL: Fri Feb 5 MUTABARUKA - Tonight in Peterborough


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From the facebook event listing

This year is the 3rd Annual Black History Month Celebration and it is going to be better than ever...

Live and Direct from Kingston Jamaica legendary dub poet Mutabaruka

backed by reggae band Mixed Emotions.

Also performing is Dub Poet Klyde Broox and The Resolutionaries Marimba Band.

... the show is happening at the Market Hall Performing Arts Center starts at 7:30 p.m.

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Anywhere else in Ontario? I love Mutabaruka!

My sister who has a close ear to the ground has said that a show in Hamilton 'might' happen. Will post once I know more, but at this time the status is 'promising'.

Did anyone see Mutabaruka on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations? LOVE that show! and throughly enjoyed his commentary on food, spirituality, politics, etc.

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more info from the Facebook group:

There is a song in Zimbabwe that says Music is a Mission not a Competition. For us, African people, our music has always been a mission, it has always had a purpose that could not be contained on the dance floor. It’s a big risk to bring musicians/Poets into town and every time we do a show like this I think, I must be crazy (because we always loose money, we are hoping for more support from you so we can at the least break even). Music, is one of the many art forms, that can be used as a hammer to shape many beautiful things in life.

This year will be our 3rd annual Black History Celebration at the Markerthall. We are proud to bring to you Mutabaruka live and direct from Kingston Jamaica backed by Mixed Emotions Band from Toronto also featuring Dub Poet Klyde Broox and Peterborough’s own, The Resolutionaries Marimba Band.

In my experience Canadians embrace the positive contributions that African people have made to this continent quiet easily, especially when it comes to music. Let us remember that Black History Month is just a step forward towards an inclusive Canada, where it will be part of our identity as Canadians to know Black histories so that multi-culturalism is reflected in our institutions, not just in our restaurants and music collections. When we have re-familiarized ourselves with what is happening in Black, White and all multi-cultural communities from a perspective that situates ourselves in a socio-historical context, there will be no need for Black History Month.

“We need a Black History Month in order to help us to arrive at an understanding of ourselves as Canadians in the most accurate and complete socio-historical context that we can produceâ€. Rosemary Sadlier.

We need your support, put February 5th in your calendars, Tickets are $15 for students, $20 for Adults. Get your tickets in advance @ Flavour, Have you seen, Bluestreak records, Trent Central Students’ Association, and Trent International Students’ Association.

This is a family event, doors open 6:30pm showtime 7:30pm

Keep in mind– People are People because of People!

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Just got the latest update about this Friday's MUTABARUKA show in Peterborough:

Subject: Happy Black History Month?!

Hi Everybody,

That's right, BHM is here, and you know know what they say, "A man who has no vision for the future always goes back to his past". The third annual Black History Month event at the Market Hall is this Friday night and I can think of no better way to honour black history than by experiencing visionary poet Mutabaruka perform to a Peterborough audience.

It has been my vision for these events to contextualize the present instead of conforming to what is really a token "celebration" that attempts to satisfy the quota... I don't like Black History Month because it has become an end instead of a means, and it is too easy to package Black culture in easily consumable forms instead of totalizing our vision of the past, present and future in an event that isn't so confinable.

Come celebrate the legacy of visionaries, past AND present, because we are still here, 'belly full but we hungry'!

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Wish I was, but it's not in the cards. My sister is going though.

I'm surprised that he is not performing in any other cities. Nothing against peterborough, but I just would have assumed that he'd do a couple of shows to make it worth the trek.

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