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Ain't code grand?!

I have these pages on the photo section of my web site that are all thumbnails for whatever show it was. These thumbnail pages are such a huge pain to build. I just got finished writing a piece of code that checks the thumbnails directory, gets a list of the images, image sizes for appropriate pop-up dimensions, and builds the page automaticly. I have to set one variable, the image directory I want to pull from, then poof the page is built. This is going to save me sooo much shitty grunt work!

Sorry for the rant, but I'm so excited about this and had to share.

Now if I could only write functions to do all my work, like laundry, life would be really grand!

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yeah totally...

that and saving yourself hours on ongoing tedious work.

Your right though, that's why I do what I do. I love the sense of satisfaction from building something that works. Right now it's digital building, but I get it from building anything, furniture, a model, a bong, a time machine, whatever...

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Guest Low Roller

What's with people creaming themselves when a PHP script actually works?

My buddy once called me to say he wrote a script in PHP for image galleries that included thumbnails, caption, pop-ups, sorting, sizing, the sun and the moon. [Roll Eyes]

Is PHP that exciting or is it simply the excitment of the script actually working?

I'm old-school HTML type of guy. I have been messing with Flash lately though.

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