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Some shows can take 30 hours to download,some alot less.It all depends of the number of seeds and the number of leechs.

This is the tracker for STG if thats where you are downloading.It lists the number of seeds & leechs.


Most of the other BT download sites like etree,stateless(for U2 & Lanois) or Colorado tapers org. have their seeds listed right where you download.

It can take longer than 30 hours somtimes.But as more folks hop on the download the time will decrease.

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Originally posted by backbacon:

Chewie, maybe putting all that computer stuff off until t'mrw and coming over with your Widespread dvd to smoke bowls instead would help.

Just a thought...

cool...good idea...my head hurts. how about i'll be over tomorrow? what time are you free? i'm good anytime after 7pm.

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