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who enjoyed some PRIMUS this weekend?


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I enjoyed some Primus at Metropolis on Saturday night. They sounded great, super tight and the crowd was awesome. Highlight for me was the Harold of the Rocks encore, complete with a killer solo from Ler. But...

...they definitely jammed too much. I expect some crossover from Les' jamband projects and I know Primus have often stretched their songs and dropped some covers on a dime but not at the expense of the fun. Just thought a little of that was missing.

Still gonna get the soundboard when it's available.

Here's the Montreal setlist from memory, what was Toronto's?

Toys Go Winding Down

Mr. Know It All

Pilchers Squad

Ol' Diamond Back Sturgeon



My Name Is Mud

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

E: Harold of the Rocks

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we sure did and thanks the Ottawa crew for all their special help...by the way Dave and Crystal we had your moe down disc up there this friday and forgot to leave them....guess it will be a package after all.

Primus was awesome the Metropolis was packed! and so was the koolhaus- (which I'm pretty sure the box office was open and selling some last minute entry for anyone who maybe didn't get in or paid for a scalper- it seems that the koolhaus has a habit of selling out technically till the day of and then releasing a number of tickets on the evening of.- just as an FYI for future sellouts.)

we hosted a great friend Ricky from Alabama this weekend and he fell in love with Montreal cause the city showed him such a good time.

it was awesome and he said he was going to be back soon- I love converting an American to consider going to Canadian shows.


the george bush antics in Toronto were super funny! I did in fact get some pictures- which unfortunately- I'm sure it'll take me awhile to get them together but I'll post a link. Tungstun- nice to see ya!

hope to catch up with more this friday.

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Ahh damn Dude!!! They played the Dimandback Sturgen over there?! I dig that tune so much! The double set was good but What the Hell, T.O Show could o been WAY cooler. When they did the AntiPop tour a while back there setlist was Killer. This Time i dont know. It was like Less wasnt digging it as much........

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Okay, I guess the lighting worked rather well for whomever took those fantastic photos. And, hate to admit it, and sorry to all those that got shutout, but I'm thinking I would've gotten a lot more out of the show if I knew more Primus tunes. I figured I could just go and watch Les and become a convert, having loved all those Les side projects so vehemently (ie. Holy Mackerel, Flying Frog, Bucket of Bernie Brains, Oysterhead). So, as much as I loved it, I'm sure I would've loved it even more if I knew some of the tunes. I saw Primus the first time on HORDE fest 1996 or '97(?) (the year with Neil Young headlining, Leftover Salmon, and MMW), and perhaps foolishly decided at that point that I didn't need a CD because they seemed like more of a live experience. Anyway, in retrospect, perhaps I should've got one (or more).

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I was disappointed in the multimedia show... which consisted of two globes hanging from the ceiling upon which they projected videos, often matching the song. So when they played Tommy the Cat, they played the TTC video on the globes.

Good point about the lighting MuleMomma... I think that contributed to the slight disconnect between band and audience that I felt.

Anyone got the TO setlist? Did they play Southbound Pachyderm?

Anyone tape Montreal? I don't remember any mics.

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This website states Montreal setlist as (but no setlist for Toronto yet) -


Show: 11/22/2003

City: Montreal, PQ

Venue: Metropolis

Set I:

Toys Go Winding Down

Mr. Knowit All

Pilcher's Squad

Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon

The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion


My Name is Mud

Set II:

Seas of Cheese

Here Come the Bastards

Sgt. Baker

American Life

Jerry was a Racecar Driver

Drum Solo

Drum & Whamola Jam


Is It Luck?

Grandad's Little Ditty

Tommy the Cat

Sathington Waltz

Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers

Fish On

Los Bastardos


Harold of the Rocks

BTW, I do know Southbound Pachyderm, but don't think it was played in TO (I missed the beginning of the show though), and I did hear a Mr. Krinkle near the end.

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i was soooooooooooooo happy to not get into primus.

I went to see manitoba instead.

Dan Snaith - A.K.A. Manitoba

figure a trippy less folky beta band that blends the free sonics of tortoise and the fury of the rhythm kings (kreutzman/hart).

that's right. 2 drummers filling lee's palace with wonderment.

seriously check this band out. and when they come to Canada, check em out in London...

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