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free file recovery software????


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well after our friend shainhouse attempted to install xp (problem number 1 right there) he managed to somehow switch his fat32 file system to fat12.

all the data is there, but i think because of the currupt FAT table, both windows and dos cannot see the files.

using a program, it will recover some files, if not all of them.

unfortunately, i'm not paying 100's of dollars for file recovery software.

so before i just do a low level format, reformat back to fat32, i'd like to see if i can recover some of his data...

anyone know of a program that i can recover files for free?

i dont even have kazaa installed on my comp right now...but i guess i might have to...

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xp is the most bulletproof thing microstuff has ever done. what the hell is fat12? i always thought there was fat(for small hd's) fat32 for bigger ones and ntfs for security and big drives. I went through the file recovery stuff, unless it's word documents and things like that you pretty well have to pay for it...data recovery is a high dollar field...

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Hmmmm... I've never heard of FAT12. I recall there was FAT16 but maybe secondtube's older than me. [Wink]

I have not had any problems with XP and I've installed and run it on about a dozen different systems at this point. However, I usually encourage a format/reinstall rather than an upgrade. Upgrading operating systems has always made me uncomfortable.

If you install Kazaa secondtube, you are introducing yourself to a world of problems. Your cleanup time with be several hours and even then I think you'll find your system's performance leaves you wondering if you managed to remove it all.

To answer the question though, no, I don't know of any really good file recovery software. Is it possible to install that drive as a slave in another computer and see if you can extract the files off it that way?

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I have always had problems installing XP on older machines, and end up putting on 98 instead, then upgrading...my latest story...I formatted, then installed XP straight up from CD...floppy doesn`t work...half way through it says it`s looking for a file, and I can find it at D:i386, sure the disc in the drive but it can`t find it! I just installed XP on my "new to me" computer and didn`t have the problem, anyhoo, I just clicked cancel and continued, it "sorta" worked, didn`t install anything from the i386 folder, so I didn`t have IE!!! Why do I get this error?

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well willy, that is exactly what i did do.

threw his hd in my computer as a slave drive.

wtf is a fat12, thats bills excuse for a install gone wrong.

reasons it went wrong:

1. did not do a clean install, which is the only way to properly install xp, if you HAVE to do it.

2. installed from a cracked disc. how many people who install XP have any idea about SERVICE PACKS? it didn't even flinch shain when i mentioned that he wouldn't be able to install service pack 1. why would ANYONE want an unsecure XP w/out SP1 over 98 is BEYOND me.

3. fat12 is billys way of making a incorrect upgrade go sour. Shain doesn't think he chose ntfs, but i have feeling he did.

half way through the upgrade, shain says he had a blue screen of death, some invalid page fault.

when he restarted, he coulnd't get into any windows. i used a system recovery disc, but of course, it got us into dos, but still couldn't see the files.

threw it in my comp as a slave and this is where the fun begins.

here's his drive info according to Norton. Notice some problems...

Volume Info:

File System: FAT (thats it)

Volume Serial Number: 0

Logical Info:

Sectors Per Cluster: 8 (problem number 1)

Bytes per Sector: 512

Total Clusters: 2586

Free Clusters: 2586

Total Bytes: 10592256 (even though its a 40 gig)

Free Bytes: 10592256

Reported Physical Info:

Number of Cylinders: 1024

Sectors Per Track: 63

Total Heads: 255

Actual Physical Info:

Number of Cylinders: 13183

Sectors Per Track: 63

Total Heads: 96

Partition Information:

Partition 0 Type: 32-Bit FAT (with extended int13 support)

Boot Indicator: Bootable

Partition Size: 79714467 Sectors (38.01GB)

Starting Sector: 63

Starting HEad: 1

Ending HEad: 254

Ending Cylinder: 1022

Ending Sector: 63

Now obviously the issues resides above.

I have tried running disc doctor. It gave me the error right away, "the drive is currently running a fat12 file system. only try to convert the drive if you cannot access it."

So we tried to fix it using Disc Doctor, and in 7 hours of running, it did nothing but freeze up. Thank you Mr Gates.

I can't think of why windows only recognizes the drive as 8 megs. i've even pulled out my hardware books from a few years back...

learning how to fix this would be valuable information...

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first person who can give me a viable reason to switch up to a purchased version of XP pro gets a 10 disc freebie.

My Info:

p4 2.4 w/ hyperthreading

512 DDR

radeon 9000

140 gig hd space


Software for 98 that i dont have for XP, but would need:

Norton Utilites

Cool Edit Pro 2000

Photoshop 6.0

Microsoft Office 2000

those are the main ones i would definately need for XP.

so add the price of a purchased XP, because fugg that, i want all the service packs that come out, as we all know billy couldn't program a fully funcional operating system if his life (and his billions) depended on it, with purchasing some real software, i'm around 1000 dollars.

List Reasons in my circumstance (and most peoples) why XP is a better alternative to 98.

I dont play games. I dont do video editing.

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....on a related note....

There was a thread I was reading last night in here, that seems to be gone now, where someone was having computer problems and someone recommended a program that was basically a "computer-enema" something that cleans out all the, well, poop on ones computer....????

I've been having trouble lately, downloaded AKG or something and got rid of a bunch of viruses, worked, but I'm still having some issues with my puter...

...anyone remember what that was???

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