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Happy Birthday Jimi - November 27, 1942


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Johnny Allen Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. In 1946 the parents changed his name to James Marshall Hendrix. After the separation of his parents, in the early fifties, he grew up with his father(Al Hendrix).His father`s collection of blues and jazz records provided his first contact with the type of music that he was later to become symbolic of. He was given his first guitar by his father when he was eleven.James Marshall taught himselfhow to play. A year later it was again his father who presented him with his first electric guitar.

In 1961 Hendrix left Seattle to do his miilitary service in the 101. Airborne Division. Due to an injury he got an early dischare after serving fourteen months.

For the following two years he through the states as a musician. B.B. King, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke and Little Richards were among the musicians he played with. Calling himself "Jimmy James" he founded his first stable band " The Blue Flames" in New York`s Greenwich Village, where he gave a show as a singer for the first time. At that Greenwich Village was a motely of jazz, blues and artists` clubs. During one performance at "Cafe Wha?", Chas Chandler (a former bass-player with Eric Burdon & The Animals) was overwhelmed by Hendrix. This very performance was to be the turning point in Hendrix`s life. At Chandler`s urging he was moved to London on September 24, 1996.

Chandler was also responsible for Hendrix`s stage name "Jimi", which he felt was impressive due to its exotic spelling.

Just two weeks later "The Jimi Hendrix Expirience" was found - Hendrix was the guitarist and singer, Noel Redding was the bass-player and Mitch Mitchell was the drummer- because Johnny Halliday wanted Hendrix for a show at the Olympia in Paris, but only on the condition that he preformed with a band. This was immediately followed by a concert tour all over the Europe. Concerts in Stockholm and Copenhagen were overwhelmingly successful and six consecutive concerts at "Saville Theathre" in London were all played completely full house. At just about the same time Hendrix`s first single "Hey Joe" was recorded. It was released in December 1966 and by February it made No 4 in the charts. Hendrix`s first release also became his first Golden Record. On January 11, 1967 the band recorded the title "Purple Haze".

In May 1967 his first album "Are You Experienced" was released. It was probably due to its hectic realisation and shotcomings that the album never became No 1 in the charts. The Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" took first place, whereas "Are You Experienced" maintained 2nd place during the whole summer of 1967. In June of the same year Hendrix' "Experience" played at the legendary "Monterey Pop Festival". Hendrix on stage was an unforgettable experience with him first setting his guitar on fire only to smash it to pieces afterwards.

In the same year the recordings for his next album "AXIS: THE BOLD AS LOVE" were made. "Are You Experienced" had sold far more than one million copies in U.S.A. and "AXIS: THE BOLD AS LOVEˇ" immediately reached the top 20. Once again Hendrix stayed mainly in the U.S.A where the major part of the following album "Electric Ladyland" was written, which was released in the same year.

The stress and strain of his incredible career had its consequences. The Expiriences disbanded when Chas Chandler no longer was willing to tolerate Hendrix`s increasingly numerous escapades. Hendrix landed in prison for a night for a several reasons after a row with Noel Redding.

In August 1969 Hendrix played at Woodstock, probably the last true success of his life.

Hendrix maniacal creative activity was interrupted by a short respite. In 1969, however, he returned with his "Band of Gypsies", a band made up exclusively of black musicians. This formation as never able to take over where the success of "The Eperience" left off.

Hendrix was becoming more and more frustrated and neurotic. During a concert in New York`s Madison Square Garden he left the stage after the third piece without saying a worg.

Towards the end of 1969, the "Band of Gypsies" recordered the album bearing its name, "Band of Gypsies", in Fillmore East. It was released in April 1970.

In the summer of 1970 Hendrix played mostly in Europe.In the same year the album "The Cry of Love" was released. In late August of 1970 Hendrix went to London where he gave his last concert on September 12, 1970.

On September 17,1970, Hendrix took a relatively large dose of sleeping pills. During the night he lost consciousness and suffocated. Just a few hours earlier he had been working on his song called "The Story of LIfe". Its last lines were:

"The story of life is quicker than the wink an eye.

The story of love is hello and goodbye.

Until we meet again."


-((((((((((((((((((Jimi)))))))))))))))))))))))) -

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"The story of Jesus so easy to explain. After they crucified Him, a woman, she claimed His name. The story of Jesus the whole Bible knows went across the desert and in the middle He found a rose. There should be no questions. There should be no lies. He was married

happily ever after to all the tears we cry." - The Story of Life


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The Story of life

The story of Jesus

so easy to explain

After they crucified him,

a woman, she claimed his name

The story of Jesus

the whole bible knows

went across the desert

and in the middle, he found a rose

There should be no questions

there should be no lies

He was married ever happily after

All the tears we cry

No use in arguing

all the use to the man that moans

When each man falls in battle,

his soul it has to roam

Angels of heaven

flying saucers to some,

made Easter Sunday

the name of the rising sun

The story is written

by so many people who dared,

to laydown the truth

to so very many who cared

to carry the cross

of Jesus and beyond

We will guide the light

this time with a women in our arms

We as men

can’t explain the reason why

the woman’s always mentioned

at the moment that we die

All we know

is God is by our side,

and he says the word

so easy yet so hard

I wish not be alone,

so I must respect my other heart

Oh, the story

of Jesus is the story

of you and me

No use in feeling lonely,

I am you searching to be free

The story

of life is quicker

than the wink of an eye

The story of love

is hello and goodbye

Until we meet again.

(Jimi’s last song – composed in London, 17 September 1970)

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cheers to jimi


Hurrah i awake from yesterday

Alive but the war is here to stay

So my love catherina and me

Decide to take our last walk

Through the noise to the sea

Not to die but to be re-born

Away from a life so battered and torn....


Oh say can you see its really such a mess

Every inch of earth is a fighting nest

Giant pencil and lip-stick tube shaped things

Continue to rain and cause screaming pain

And the arctic stains

>From silver blue to bloody red

As our feet find the sand

And the sea is strait ahead..

Strait ahead.....

Well its too bad

That our friends

Cant be with us today

Well thats too bad

"The machine

That we built

Would never save us"

That's what they say

(That's why they aint coming with us today)

And they also said

"It's impossible for man

To live and breath underwater..

Forever" was their main complaint


And they also threw this in my face:

They said


You know good well

It would be beyond the will of God

And the grade of the King

(Grace of the King yeah yeah)

So my darling and I

Make love in the sand

To salute the last moment

Ever on dry land

Our machine has done its work

Played its part well

Without a scratch on our bodies

And we bid it farewell

Starfish and giant foams

Greet us with a smile

Before our heads go under

We take a last look

At the killing noise

Of the out of style...

The out of style, out of style

whats everyone elses fav. jimi tunes?

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Hey Esau - funny that first picture of Jimi is from the next Hendrix show I'm seeding, the Royal Albert Hall '2-18-69, right before(6 days)the more famous epic '2-24-69, arguably the greatest

Hendrix concert ever(IMO)

This is for more hardcore fans only, it's a rather distant audience tape but CLEAR and good separation between gtr-bs-dms...a little EQ will do wonders...

The celebration continues...

"I wanna' see and hear EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now, if you'll excuse me,I must be on my way...


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I just want to talk to you

I won't uh, do you no harm

I just want to know about your different lives

On this is here people farm

I heard some of you got your families

Living in cages tall and cold

And some just stay there and dust away

Past the age of old.

Is this true ?

Please let me talk to you.

"other than the Who and the Beatles this was the first muscian that I feel in love with."

Did we grow up in the same house perhaps? That is just too weird. Although, I could throw in the Police as well.

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