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tomorrows show made the local paper


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Find your funk, it's party time

Kitchener party band Six Foot Groove gives you an excuse to put on your dancin' shoes


A casual glance at the current rock scene makes it easy to assume that the days of going out just to dance to a live band are over. Well, don't tell that to Six Foot Groove.

The eight-piece Kitchener party machine (with horns, no less) is on a mission to bring back old-school funk and get the city shaking, one booty at a time. Although the band is less than a year old, the bulk of its membership already earned a reputation as part of Samsara. But when the core of that band took the name and split to go in a newer heavy rock direction, the rest picked up the groove where they'd left off.

"They (Samsara) wanted to get into doing serious music, and we're just all about good times," bassist Rich Fase says without a trace of bitterness.

"It all started as a common goal to have a working band, but as we got established, it was clear that it was going in two different directions. It actually worked out for the best, because now it seems that everyone's doing what they want to do. We're all still buddies."

Along with Fase, Six Foot Groove includes Nigel Sobocan on guitar and vocals, Summer Martin on vocals, flute and percussion, Meghan Beth Riley on vocals, Bill Moorehouse on guitar, Jay Ramalho on saxophone, Michael Packman on trumpet, and Pete Murdoch on drums.

It didn't take long for Six Foot Groove to get established this past summer, as they found themselves in the unusual spot of opening for hard rockers I Mother Earth and Default at a beer company-sponsored bash in London. They played again later that night at the after-party for the industry big-wigs.

"That's definitely been our biggest gig so far, and we had a blast doing it," Fase says. "We actually played a lot of out-of-town gigs this summer, so it's been nice to be playing in K-W again for old and new friends. We still remember the days when bands like the Dervishes and the Fat Cats would play and it would be a big party, and I guess we want to bring some of that feeling back to the city."

That unique approach already seems to be paying off for the band, as they have attracted plenty of attention among the national "jam band" audience, without even having an official release yet. The band so far only has a three-song demo, Demo Ya Groove, Dabedda Ya Feel, but hopes to finish a full album in time for next summer.

"Right now, we're really just polishing what we've got, making it tighter," Fase says. "That's the way it's got to be because we want to record in a live setting as much as possible in order to get that feel. I find it really hard to keep the energy high when we're doing things piece by piece, and that kind of works against what the band's about, anyway. What it comes down to is that we want anybody who's listening to us, either live or on record, to be having as much fun as we have playing it."

Six Foot Groove opens for noted American jam band Nero tomorrow night upstairs at the Lancaster Tavern in Kitchener.


Who: Six Foot Groove

opening for Nero

Where: Lancaster Tavern,

574 Lancaster St., Kitchener

When: Tomorrow,

Time: Doors open at 9 p.m.

Cost: $8

Web: www.6ftgroove.com


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Guest Low Roller


Originally posted by MK:

Six Foot Groove opens for noted American jam band Nero tomorrow night upstairs at the Lancaster Tavern in Kitchener.

Whoa whoa whoa, did I miss something? when did nero become an American jamband? Or noted for that matter? [Wink]

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