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Recipe + Belly Dancers = ....


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Fun times!! Yep, second song into their set about 6 ladies came out with the full garb and everything. It was great!!! I had a big smile on my face from that point forward and couldn't stop flailing all night. This marked the return of the band at the infamous (famous?) Night Gallery here in Calgary. The place was totally packed, including the dance floor....and MANY sweet and lovely ladies were present. They even had a guest horn section sit in for a song or two (the guys were from the opening band "The Livers") which was SUPER cool to listen to.

The show last night confirms my belief that the man on keys, Steve, is friggin' awesome. If you havn't seen them and don't believe me, take the oportunity next time they come around and take a listen for yourself.

ahhhh, good times, good times. The Night Gallery might just be my favorite spot to see a band play in Calgary....Any of you touring bands that are planning on coming out this way, try your hardest to get a spot at the Night Gallery. The idea that Calgary sucks when it comes to supporting live touring acts is almost ALWAYS put to rest when you score a Friday or Saturday gig at the Gallery. Should be number 1 on your list of venues to try and get into...


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Wow, what a night, Recipe just keeps getting better everytime I see them. Those dancers came out of no where and were gone just like that, I think the one in front of me wanted to pinch my nipples with her finger chimes, wait, that might have been Solar G....For all you folks that missed these guys this past summer, shame on you and I hope Recipe doesn't decide not to tour that way for a couple years like they did before.

Check the new site out. www.recipemusic.com


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