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Leonard Cohen


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What an amazing artist.

i saw him in concert a few years back at Radio City and he had so much energy.  He did 2 sets and he ran out at the start of each set and was so funny, dropped to his knees on several numbers to get into the character of the songs.  He played his greatest hits, but with a big emphasis on the "I'm Your Man" album, which was a favorite of my mom's growing up.  

I recommend the biography by Sylvie Simmons - she does a great job at telling his life story and helping understand his often conflicted personality.,  My favorite part was finding out that he had moved to New York and lived only 2 doors over from my first apartment on Riverside Dr near Columbia University.  He received a scholarship after graduating from McGill and while at Columbia he was intrigued by the Beat Poets and tried to get in with them, but never felt like he was accepted, he also was in the mix with Lou Reed's Velvet Underground + Nico crowd, but ultimately also didn't feel that he belonged.  

Did anyone else read his book "Beautiful Losers"  that was one messed up book!

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