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Greg Hemmings shoutout on Adam Carolla Show


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I was listening to the Adam Carolla show today and his guest, Derek Riedle, was talking about his projects and mentioned working with Greg Hemmings of HemmingsHouse.com.    

Listen to the podcast here.  They were basically discussing elevating the perception towards the cannabis culture.  He seemed to educate Carolla on how medical marijuana has made it easier for people to find strains that would work for them without any ill effects, after Carolla complained that all weed does is make him snack on cake mix, and anxious over everything around him.  Carolla is rarely this engaged in a guest.  It was a great interview.

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Thanks Mike.

Knowing your strains and preferences really is the key to the highway with herb. A good, appropriate buzz is totally predictable and enjoyable in any setting if you know what you're smoking and how you react to different buds. It really is no different than drinking beer vs. wine vs. whiskey. Each has a desired and predictable impact if you're aware of the effects and your individual reaction to each.

My favorite app is Leafly

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