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Hi Folks!

Burt's Cat Is Dead performs interpretations of songs from the Grateful Dead's catalogue.  Members include experienced players from the Canadian jam scene - Mike Filipowitsch (Burt Neilson Band), Adam Bernstein (Fat Cats), Mikey Vukovich (Zuffalo), and Kim Manning (Zuffalo).  The band is on a constant quest to offer a fresh take on these classic songs.  Burt's Cat is Dead knows just when to fill space with their infectious jams, sometimes verging on a phishing trip, and when to offer an interlude that may include an airy acapella section.

***Upcoming show - April 15th at the Casbah in Hamilton***


Hope to see you there!

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On 3/23/2017 at 9:41 AM, Booche said:


Burt's Cat Is Dead is excited to announce that Adam Shier, guitar player for The Unssen Strangers, will be supporting the band with an acoustic set on April 15th.  Get there early!

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