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The feud over Garcia's guitars

Davey Boy 2.0

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Here is Phil's take on the 'lawsuit' over Jer's guitars. I am betting Mickey thinks he has some sort of stake in them. It is all rather shocking. At least Phil is still cool.....

JC: You were sharing your thoughts about the lawsuit over Jerry Garcia's

guitars earlier, would you care to share them online?

Phil: The band had an agreement; for many years they drew a salary but took

no profits- all earnings went into the partnership. In return the company

paid for the band members' equipment including instruments. Whether or not

Jerry wrote a personal check or a company check the guitars were his to

bequeath to whomever he wanted. On an ethical level, the Grateful Dead would

not have existed without Jerry. Grateful Dead Productions exists because of

him and even today he helps to pay the salaries of the people who run it.

Jerry was not one who thought long-term, but he took the time and energy to

let us know that he wanted Doug Irwin to have the guitars. His wishes should

be honored.

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Reading an article on this will just piss me off. You don't want to see me get angry boy!

I think we should send Ted Nugent after mountain girl. I'm sure he can teach her a thing or 2 about honor.

I know you say that you'll post it when you get home, but I think you'll forget when you get home, and start getting drunk with your roommate. (pssst...I didn't say Hood).

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