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Alien abduction and it's bonuses


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Okay, kinda bored, thought I'd throw out a topic at y'all.

Here's the scenario: aliens without ears are about to blow up the earth, but you have miraculously been spared. Not only that, they're gonna take you back to their planet! Turns out though that they have no music, so they'll let you bring a discman and five, count 'em, five cd's.

What're you gonna bring?

here's my list:

-Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier by G Gould (Bach was an alien anyway)

-Picture of Nectar

-Charles Mingus Anthology

-Nevermind by Nirvana

-Ween's live one, Painting the Town Brown.

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-abbey road, beatles

-blow by blow, jeff beck

-rift, phish

-a go go, mmw/scofield

-tie for 5th: greatest hits-Steve miller Band


It takes a nation of millions to hold us back-PE

i don't know.. are we trying to save the human race with this music, or just entertain the aliens.. i can't remember. these should work, maybe a couple of Kim mitchell singles for good measure. (kemosabe & I am a wild party) blush.gif" border="0

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Hmm...preferably an MP3 capable discman which could read large data disks of both dead and phish...otherwise:

OK Computer (Radiohead)

Live @ The Fillmore East (Hendrix)

Live @ The Fillmore (Derek & The Dominoes)

2 From The Vault (Dead)

The In Sound From Way Out (Beastie Boys)

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I have a problem with the power. First of all, I'd doubt that they could provide the voltage necessary to power the discman, nor would they have enough AA batteries. I'll just assume that they've created a bridge between their unlimited quantum power source and our archaic electronics.

Beatles: Abbey road

Phish: Billy Breathes

Grateful Dead: Live Dead (I'd have to loot it off of Andre's corpse though)

Lenny Breau: Five O'Clock Bells/Mo' Breau

Garcia/Grisman: Pizza Tapes

It's damn hard to think too far back. I was sitting here trying to imagine the lp's that I have boxed away.

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once a hood, always a hood......"the in sound from way out"....not only a great disc, but it's bound to get him some excellent alien pooty.....bown chicka bown wink.gif" border="0

As for me, If I wanted to rule this new alien nation we are to become a part of....I only need to pack four CD's.....

a) Coltrane - Village Vanguard- excellent call Davey Boy, a must have

B) Phish - Slip, Stich & Pass

c) Dead - Live Dead

d) Lenny Breau - Live on Bourbon St.

If I wanted to confuse these aliens in a revolte to save the last of us humans.....mass mind control is needed. One disc to control them all...

a) Greyfolded - The'll never know what hit em'

If it were my choice to be analy probed....any of the following will do......

a) Elton John - circa 1985+

B) Wham! - any disc 'ill do

c) Roche Voisine - however you spell his name, if they hear that shit your gettin' the probe outta spite.

And for all those fine ladies, whatever spare parts they may have

a) Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out - Excellent for any ladie, anywhere, any time

B) Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on

c) Coltrane - Coltrane for lovers - the man can help you with anything

Last and least....quick death

a) White Snake - any album

B) Poison - any album

c) Glass Tiger - any album

d) any heavy metal album....if this didn't annoy the aliens enough...I'd kill myself

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Whitesnake could be one of the funniest bands ever.. Whenever I'm feeling down, I think of the 'Here I go again' video.. that always brings a smile to my face.. especially the whore w/snake writhing on the bmw.. shocked.gif" border="0

".. but I've made up my mind... I ain't wasting no moooore time..

Caaause heeere I gooo again!!!"

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The Grateful Dead - Live Dead (Looks like I have to hide it)

Beatles - White Album

Hendrix - Band of Gypsies, Live at the Fillmore

Dereck&theDominoes - Live at the Fillmore (go buy this fucking album, best Clapton EVER)

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

I feel like I am being abducted as we speak and I had 5 minutes to decide. This was surprisingly easy (at this moment however, come 6 oclock, the list may look different)

I also just realized that each disc, aside from Live Dead, is a double album so I might want to reconsider Live Dead.

Who am I kidding, if there were only 1 disc I could bring it would be that one. Darkstar crashes people!

By the way, I love Velvet's signature. That is one of the best quotes I have seen in a long time.


I am so jealous, he has seen more Phil shows than Treyter and Harpua have seen Phish shows.....I cant wait for the Spring Tour. Lets all go to Boston for 4 shows or so.

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