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Ottawa events brought to you by Nugget Promotions

Saturday January 12, 2002


P.E.I. Funk via Toronto

Introducing new Ottawa talent Tim Toady

Bayou Blues and Jazz Club 1071 Bank St.

Show time 9:30 cover $6 at the door

Wednesday February 6, 2002


From Toronto

Take old jazz standards . . .

Give the tune a hip-hop funk twist . . .

Unleash the most maniacal of funk musicians . . .

Prescribe original jazz lyrics to a berserk rapper . . . .

and watch the walls b u r n d o w n . . .

The Mercury Lounge 56 Byward (upstairs)

Showtime 10:00 cover $8

Wednesday March 6, 2002


From Toronto

Fusing jazzy moods with inspired funky grooves,Jukejoint have been known to explore the works of such greats as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter with their free-form interpretations. Injecting way-out guitar atmospherics and smoking improvisations around an air tight rhythm section, these guys update the past as they probe the flavours of jazz, jungle, drum & bass, funk, blues - anything with a heavy groove is open game as they experiment and push the limits with their fresh sound.

The Mercury Lounge 56 Byward (upstairs)

Showtime 10:00 cover $8

much more to come in 2002...... much more

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if they come back, they might bring more incredible talent...tours that start up with such incredible talent generally have more.

everyone has to remind those dudes that london still loves em.

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow


EVERYONE should go. i don't care if you would rather sit on your ass.

8 bucks is worth it for that calibre of musicians.

the hardest working session trumpeter in canada.

nick ali has played with members of metalwood, scofield, and way more...i forget i was on drugs at the time...

i just remember 'i was just gonna say you should play with scofield and so and so and so and so and so and so...'

he beat me to the punch.

nice dudes, awesome tunes, wow.

go go go go to the gruvasylum show.

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Brownman & Gruvasylum are ridiculous!

I saw that group play at Revival Lounge in Toronto about a month ago and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Brownman has got to be the best trumpet player in the country! I does things on that horn I couldn't believe. And he uses electronics on his horn that blew my mind. I totally agree with the above post - EVERYBODY should get out to see this intense unit when they hit Ottawa.

Check out the streaming MP3s :

Brownman & Gruvasylum

Brownman's own site:

Brownman's website

I also want to take a mintue to big'up Brownie's other famous group - NICK ALI & CRUZAO - this is the most hard-hitting high energy latin-jazz unit you'll ever hear. They sound so New York and features the top latin session guys in the country. I'm latino, so that's how I first heard about the band, but they won they Montreal Jazz Festival's big ass Prix De Jazz award (I saw them win it - unreal - 35,000 people freakin' out). That group blends latin rhythm, jazz soloists and funk grooves - it's like nothing this country's ever heard. I so hope Brownie doesn't decide to leave Canada - he's one of the few truely gifted artists doing different things in this country - but unless we support him and his wickedly grooving visions, I'm sure he'll split. So, again - Ottawa crew - get out and check the boy out!

- Pedro Jimenez



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And I highly recommend Jukejoint ... saw them for the first time when they played Kitchener not too long ago, and they were great. "Intersecting jazz with all that is funky" was the description on their posters and that one line description is right on. Guitar, keys, bass, and drums - apparantly the drummer is relatively new to the band and man did he help to take the band into new musical territory when I saw them.

Peace, Mark

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Easy there pardner. Let's not overlook Downtime easily one of the best bands in Canada these days. Alot going on for a trio. Great originals and wicked flawless covers: Baba O'Reilly, Roses Are Free, Piper, Mama Said Knock You Out. Ladies love cool James.

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