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Fatties Last Night.


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Best show i've seen in a long, long time.

Shainhouse, if you are still living, you are a bigger man than me!

I lost count at 6 Yager shots and many others...hope you alive!

The boys totally ripped it up. I haven't seen them play with such spirit since Frontier Town, July 1st last year.

I actually have blisters on my feet from dancin'. [big Grin]

I'm listening to the show right now, as shane matrixed it, and it sound fantastic . Trevor, this is definately a show you'll want to get.

I will be offering up an unlimited b&p offer, as well as including it as a bonus in upcoming packages.

Mighty T is in fully drunken form, and the recording represents it perfectly. Tons of drunken raucous.

As i transfer the show i'll post a complete setlist but off the top off the top of my head we heard,

Brown Eyed Woman


Came in through Bathroom Window

Montana Haze

Hey Man!

Midnight Special


? (greg help me) > Cruelty's Cure !!!!!!!!



Not Fade Away

Up A Tree!!!!!!

Great Broken String Jam [big Grin]


Sweet Lorainna

(thats off the top of my head)


Greg, Paisley, Shainhouse, that was fun. [big Grin]

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Too many choices > Cruelty's cure . (1st album classic freakin Cats...WOW)The old school Cats//now thats phat.

Yeah, it was a great show last night...the jamming was unreal...been awhile for me since I have heard the Cats kick it out like that...the Climb jam was sick...I thought I heard some new sounds coming out in that jam...a trancey kinda of jam for a bit..never thought I'd here that from the Cats!!! Unreal.

The setlist is amazing.....I know this is just a sign of things to come from the Fatties...some great songs also played in the sound check...."Late in the evening" was cool...

A great night with the Cats.

Thanks to all that showed up.See ya at the next one.....


Happy hang over buddy!!


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I'm here. I'm here. barely...

I think it totalled at 10 shots and 2 beers, but to tell you the truth, I don't know.

Thank you everybody for one of the best BIRTHDAY PARTIES/PRESENTS I've ever had.

Steve, Greg, Shane, Brady, Deja, Paisley, Tony, Ken, Theresa, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank god my test was easy. thank god!


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