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I got run over by a slow train tonight!


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Hiway Freeker w/ Mike Filipowitsch tonight at C'est What kicked some serious ass. They tore the roof off the place, which is tough to do as it's a basement venue. The amount of jamming and quality of music that went on tonight should be illegal. (all good things are illegal right?).

Of course the Mike sets were great, really nice Waste to wrap things up. The Freeker was in fine form as usual! The Freeker/Mike jam doing Slow Train was insane. Good job!

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What was the clock-time on Slowtrain?

My internal was saying 45 minutes, but that's probably crazy-talk.

It was wonderful to see everyone last night, and to experience such an amazing evening of music with you all. Mr M, Jeff, M, Mike, Jeremy, D, Dave, Jimmy Hat, Cyberhippie, bsherman, Peacedude(paul?), and of course all of the Freekers!

Mike's 2 sets were fuggin' very sweet. Excellent call by Jeff to get mike doing Sleep. Mike was asking for requests, and Jeff gave out "Sleep". I, along with a few others were sort of envious of him for coming up with such a great choice.

Hiway Freeker are so incredible. Seeing Mike play with them was an unbelievable treat. That slow-train jam got so very trancey. I sure as shit would love to re-experience that...or just hear it in the car or something. Was it by any chance recorded?

Thank you for a wonderful night of music!

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