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A heartfelt note to all from KW....


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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of moving to KW.

I honestly feel like i have known you all my entire life although it has been merely a year for some and even less for most. You welcomed me with open arms into your group(s) of friends and for that I am forever thankful. The friendships i have made here will last a lifetime as well as the friends of the friends of the friends. What a whirlwind year it has been....6 jobs, 900 shows, 3 places of residence, 2 cars, and countless good times with great people.

So here's to you:

My Dearest Simone




Ian Puppe











Ian and Penny

Willy and Leanne (honourary)




Doug and all the Deisel Dog boys







Snore and Monica (wicked people :) )

Missy 1&2

...and LEX! (hehe)

...now enough of this F U C K I N sappy sh!t, when the hell are we all goin to Phils?

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schwa., its been fun. an absolute blast!!

its been almost a year since i moved out of kitchener.. ive always insisted that kitchener has some of the best people anywhere! and its been a long and lonely year being so far from friends, both new and old. (my mom went to elementary school with sorjo!)

im having a party saturday if anyone wants to make their way up here..

im thinkin' a trip to phils in about 3 weeks.. so i can forget everything ive learned this year.

looking forward to our next good sit. "who doesnt enjoy a good sit?"

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awwwwwww, schwabie!!!!!! same goes for you, my mang!!! it was fate that brought you to us, and oh what a happy day that was. ::

thanks for being your awesome self and for a whole bunch of other mushy gushy things i shan't mention here....heehee!

you gots a big bear hug coming your way next time i see you!!!




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What can I say?? You're the bestest...especially for introducing me to all of your friends.......heehee....AND>>...for chasing your tail....and for so many many more things...!!!!!

I'll miss you and all of everyone else so much when i'm gone...boooo!! but You'll have a free place to stay in Cali if you ever want to visit!!!

Love ya

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Schwa ... it's been a treat getting to know you over the last year ... you're a rock-solid dude that likes to laugh and party and that loves live music ... no wonder you are so loved! ::

ive always insisted that kitchener has some of the best people anywhere!

I agree ... many times when I head out to a show in Guelph or Hamilton and I look around, I see a number of great people from KW.

When I first saw this thread I thought "Oh no, don't tell me that Schwa is also moving out of the city!" I'm glad that isn't the case, and hopefully you'll be in this area for a long while to come.

Meagan, Simone, and Marie ... you will all be missed next year when you are gone, but it will make it even sweeter when you come back to visit.

Peace, love and hugs to all of the great people that I have met in KW!


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