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Job search rant


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so I applied for this job (which i should have easily gotten an interview for..for several reasons) and the guys calls me to tell me i missed the cut.

but what i don't understand is a buddy of mine who has 1. less education, and 2. less experience (less than 1 year compared to 8 years for me) got an interview for next week????!!!

what the fu©k??? i hold no animosity towards my buddy, but i don't fuckin get it??? my one friend thinks they are going for lower qualifications/standards b/c that way they can pay them less money...in my biz, the better experience/education etc, the more cash you can demand...could this be the case? i know they cut one guy loose a couple of months ago b/c he was making "too much money..."

i just wanna punch the guy in the mouth...aarrararghhh!

sorry, i really want to get this off my chest...

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I just got laid off and it was ridiculous!

I was making less money and I did more of the intensive labour than lots of people who they had hired to start this summer. I had been working with them for three consecutive summers and yet they let me go because I "was the last one hired". WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Thanks... I feel better having ranted to everyone at once about it.

Sucks Chewie... I say don't punch him, make more money and then come back and rub his face in it!

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Hey Chewie,

How old is your buddy? Sometimes companies would rather hire employees that are " green ", so they can mold them.

Also, I know that with my salary, there's no way I'd get hired in a lower paying job like a PA or music researcher, even though they appeal to me more. Budgets can't always be adjusted.

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I'd have to concur with your buddie's assessment.

my one friend thinks they are going for lower qualifications/standards b/c that way they can pay them less money.

You have to bear in mind that there is so much 'scammy' work going these days especially for young people that a lot of businesses try and weed out people that would pick up on the dodginess. It's like those 'marketing' companies that have ads that read 'Do you like loud music?' and it turns out to be door to door knife sales. I'm not saying that's the case here but it definitely sounds like you may have been a bit too savvy or unlikely to play ball whatever that entails.

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We've said it before Chewie: The radio business sucks.

I love radio, but the business side can occassionally provide very little security. TV is better only because the revenue is 100 times higher and the market is generally stable, unless you work for Alliance/Atlantis or CityTv Victoria.

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ok, i'm a little calmer now. i just talked to my "inside source" and this guy who's doing the hiring is a total dick who gets intimidated by anyone who has better qualifications than he does (which i do in spades) ...he demoted this guy i know just b/c he feels inscure about his abilites...

i just found out one more person who he is interviewing and she (trust me) is a total hack!!!

i guess it happens all the time, our sales manager ALWAYS hires people who will never upstage him in sales, intelligence etc...surround yourself by morons and by definition, you become a genius i guess...

i am so pissed!!! how can you justify not interviewing someone b/c they are best suited for the position??? WTF!

btw, Jaimoe..this was a CHUM station i applied to

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Hey Matt,

I was going to write that another possible scenario is that the person hiring is worried about their own job security - and is perhaps insecure in their position.

It's tough to even get a foot in the foot at Chum. It took me 4 years of part-time and experience elsewhere ( Life Network ) to get noticed.

Good luck as always. Chum radio seems to be fairly secure, and it is a union shop. Keep on trying. I hope someone with more security interviews you next time.

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