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Bread and Puppet comes to Ottawa


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April 20 &21 Bronson Centre 7:30

April 22 Alumni Theatre Carleton university 7:30

$15 in advance $20 @ the door

Tickets available at Octopus books, Folklore Centre, PERC, and OPIRG Carleton and Ottawa U

Should be an interesting evening! I'm looking forward to checking it out.

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Yup, it is a puppet show. AS far as I know the group is based in VT. They used to have a big summer festival back in the day. I went to one, and my memory is rather foggy, but as far as I know it is generally a politically based show - satirical as it were - they make all their own puppets and write all their own stuff. The bread comes from the fact that they used to have a wood oven kinda thing at the festival and give out free bread. (but good guess Velvet)

The two shows listed are How to Turn Distress into Success (National emergency clowns demonstrate official reactions to the ultimate emergency) and World on Fire (A parable of war and its making)

Hope some of you guys go and check it out!

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Bouche this is the thing that the woman from the NEKMMF was telling us about last year. (Remember sharing a seat with her over morning coffees?)

I remember the coffee, I remember the morning haze in my head. This was the morning AFTER nero played and the bottle of Jagger was completely obliterated. So I can't really comment on what the lady said about the puppets.

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I went to the 'Domestic Resurection' religiously for ten years. I saw the message lost on the pilgrims who were only there because it was a heady stop on the way to the next show.

Go to this demonstration.

This is a real bonafide continuation of the ideas and ideals of the 60's culture and all the hippy/political/reactionary/revolutionary performances that we need more of at this point in time.


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