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ottawa women - suggestions?

snarfmaster C

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hey sister! i haven't been thru a total exploration of what ottawa has to offer but i can tell you where i like. (there are lots of really neat places in the market which i haven't been to, pretty pricey though some)

i like mexx alot, it's a little bit expensive but they have lots of neat funky shirts which are good for work and play. jacob conexion isn't very expensive and they have decent more casual stuff (it also may disintegrate on you within weeks, but if that's okay with you...), and then regular jacob is pretty hit and miss, sometimes they have lots of nice stuff and sometimes it's all weird and flowery.

i'm not sure if those stores are the same ones you have in peterborough; they're not exactly off the beaten path but you can find pretty nice stuff, at times. when are you going on this shopping trip lady? i have to pick up a couple things myself.


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cool meggo - thanks for the tips. i really am clueless as far as clothing stores go. since i'm working with a deadline i probably won't spend too much time cruising 2nd hand stores, although i surely will if i score the job.

kev - hahhahaaha nice :P i'm gonna be on the island for 2 weeks starting next saturday. can i come over and earn more stars? ;)

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I agree with Meggo. I love Mexx, Jacob, Club Monaco and most of those other stores on the top floor of the Rideau Centre, but they are expensive. I guess it's not so bad if you're only getting one outfit, but if you need a wardrobe you'll have to take out a small loan.

There's a couple boutiques on Sussex St. as well. Designers with their one and only store kind if thing. Worth checking out.

I think the Glebe has one of the best second hand stores I have ever seen. Damned if I can remember the name of it right now, but man it's good if you have a sense of style and can put things together on your own. (Which I'm sure you can).

Winners is hit and miss, but I've walked out happy a few times.

Good luck with finding an outfit and landing the job!

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