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Ottawa people - Wine & Dine series seeks participants

Cosmic ChrisC

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Mike and Sharon...I would totally see you guys do this!:

Wine & Dine series seeks participants

Tony Lofaro

The Ottawa Citizen

September 30, 2005

Good food and drink are the passions that fuel Ottawa TV producer Chris Knight and now he wants to come to your home and show you what there is about the joys of wine appreciation.

The enterprising producer of several food programs for The Food Network is looking for people as subjects for his latest television venture, Wine & Dine. The concept is simple -- it's a blend of mixing food with the appropriate bottle of wine for a TV series to be filmed in different Ottawa homes.

"It's a show about pairing wine with food to take the stuffing out of the snooty world of wine and making wine accessible," said Knight, sitting in his office over a parking garage in the Glebe.

He said statistics show that about 90 per cent of the wine that is purchased is consumed on the day it is brought home. So, the show is aimed at those typical wine lovers who enjoy a bottle of wine over a good meal or a barbecue, he said. The show, he stresses, is not aimed at wine connoisseurs who fancy themselves wine experts or who own elaborate wine cellars filled with bottles of rare wines.

"Our job is to demystify, debunk and explain wine to everyday people," said Knight, who recently completed the fifth and final season of License to Grill.

He is looking for 12 people who will allow themselves to be filmed in their home at a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, job promotion or a family gathering. The producers will work with the candidates on the menu and pair the food up with a special wine.

The hosts are Stacey Metulynsky from Groovy Grapes, an Ottawa wine education/events firm, and a Toronto chef. Filming takes place this fall in Ottawa and the series is expected to air next spring.

"The sort of programming that resonates today on the Food Network is real people doing real things as opposed to experts preaching. The last thing we want this show to be is tutorial."

If anyone is interested in participating in the television show contact Knight Enterprises at 730-1728 or info@knight-tv.com.

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the 4:15 beers were a nice way to begin the weekend.


Ok, so I got a response and I have to take some photos of our entertainment space and of us. I guess we can't be hideous and we can't live in an unkempt shack. Obviously, this isn't reality tv.

Could DaveyBoy help out with this? pretty please? I have lighting!

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