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Anyone going to Hot Toddy tonight?

Large Marge

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TUES OCT 4 - 8:30pm


CD RELEASE - "Live At The Black Box"

"Hot Toddy show that Canadian roots run very deep."

(5 out of 5 stars) NOW Magazine

The East Coast is home to a variety of talented

musicians. With each leaving a distinct finger-

print, there has been a steady evolution in the

area's sound. This has infused local artists

with an indefinable element that goes beyond

their specific genre, an element that is at the

heart of what Maritime music is. Hot Toddy/

Isaac & Blewett's "Live at the Black Box" is

the perfect embodiment of this; two East

Coast mainstays coming together to push

the borders of their collective sound while

keeping themselves rooted in tradition.

Individually, the bands are figureheads of their

respective scenes. Hot Toddy, made up of

Thom Swift, Joel LeBlanc, and Tom Easley,

have released 5 award winning roots/blues

albums out of New Brunswick. Renowned

for their artistry and musicianship, the

band has thrived on developing their

craft through exploring new approaches to

creation and delivery. Isaac & Blewett have

long operated with a similar state of mind.

Also from New Brunswick, they have released

2 albums that have highlighted their stylistic

development over the past 9 years. Intent

on pushing their instruments to their sonic

limits, the duo has progressed from being

a blues act to skewing the lines of any

genre classification.

$14 advance / $16

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I discovered them at Evolve a couple of years ago and have been waiting for them to make it Westward. I think this is their first big Toronto show (apart form the Atlantic Canada festival this summer)

I'm heading off line, but Hugh's is kind of mello... I would love some company for this show. Give me a dingle if you're thinking about going: (416) 727-4927


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Kick ass show.. sorry we didn't see you Marge... It was a killer show, great musicianship and the humour between songs was great... each member of the 5 piece ensemble sang, sort of like a songwriters circle. They were so comfortable with the crowd they played a improv tune they had just made up... here was the chourus ..."SpaceMan, Caveman, Contraband, Orangatan -...Trippin' with the Carrot Man" everyone was in stiches.

They played mostly material off the new CD, a couple of older jems; Tater Pie, Monty, Ca fait longtemps.

For a hardcore Hot Toddy fan like myself (seen 25 plus shows) I was very happy with the original song list and that these guys are keeping it real, playing new material all the time, and pushing their own material in new directions.

Sorry y'all the band won't be back until the spring.

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Yeah - can't say I'd travel for Tegan and Sara

I would, but in the opposite direction. I saw one of their Ottawa Folk Fest performances on Rogers22 and, wow, I was startled by just how bad they sounded. Whiny little voices, no harmony (or even attempts at harmony), annoying songs, and nothing more noteworthy than, "Oh, a couple of girls singing angsty songs."



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