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Rob Not Bob

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Hey ho,

I brought one of my Zappa boots (Sydney , Australia, June 23, 1973) and was just wondering if there was any Zappa love on the board or in the Jam Bands community in general. I confess I'm a little surprised that there isn't a whole bunch of talk of him in the scene, because I have a whole bunch of live stuff of his and there seems to be a heck of a lot of jamming/improvisation going on, and even the basic frame of the arrangement for individual pieces seemed to change drastically from tour to tour. Zappa seemed to place a high value on sponatanaity in his shows (in one of his books he chides Jean Luc Ponty for seemingly playing the exact same solo all the time during his stay with the Mothers Of Invention). Perhaps some of the coarse content of a bunch of his songs might throw people off, and even I'm not about to argue that every one of his 8000 or so commercially released albums is a gem, but fans of intricate instrumental work should check out some of his more adventuresome albums .... hey, Phish dig Zappa, you should too [big Grin]

Rob Not Bob

Maintaining Conceptual Continuity

NP : Phish - Big Cypress, 12/31/99

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hey Rob not Bob; (reminds me of Was(not Was)

I've been a Zappa fan since highschool, a friend got me into him good and early... I have all the studio albums plus a whack of bootlegs....

maybe some trading is in line?

He's a fuggin unreal guitarist...strange technique and all. He's made some weird choices over the years concerning bands and sounds(ie Steve Vai or Chad Wackerman) but his music is unbelievable...

Here's the boots i'm looking for:

69-02-23 Pachuco Hop

70-12-10 (Fillmore)

I have the australian 73 show, a texas show from 75, a radio broadcast with Beefheart from 75, Paris 70, a couple of 80's and Eyes of Osaka here, friends of mine have a couple others i can't think of of the top of my head...

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I'm a major-league Zappa fan; I'm currently reading "The Dangerous Kitchen: The Subversive World Of Zappa" by Kevin Courrier (available from the Ottawa Public Library), a seriously dense discussion of Zappa in terms of socio-political commentary, along with a fair bit of biography and historical material. In a lot of ways, I think it's better than "The Negative Dialectics Of Poodle Play".



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Some excellent Zappa choices (IMHO):

Burnt Weenie Sandwich


Hot Rats

The Grand Wazoo,

if you want some instrumental greatness, or

Freak Out!

We're Only In It For The Money,

for early Mothers weirdness, or

just about any of the live albums - I recommend the many which are available from the 1988 tours - I particularly like Make A Jazz Noise Here; Roxy & Elsewhere ('73?) is also a great disc. The "Beat The Boots" series is also supposed to be good, but I haven't heard any of them (sound quality varies, apparently, but all are listenable from what I understand).

As Rob (not Bob) said though, I don't always feel like hearing about ramming things up people's poop chutes or poodles performing cunnilingus, so some albums get less play than others - but, as was also mentioned, Zappa was a great guitarist, and like Miles, usually employed some of the best young sidemen in the industry... so there's something for everyone!

What's got into you, Suzy Creamcheese?


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His autobiography is one of the most entertaining books I've ever read. I love Frank - I wish I could afford to buy all of his releases, but there's like 90 of them or something...

There's a song called Marleena (I think) can some Zappa freak confirm the name of it? some lyrics: "I called up all my baby's friends and ask'n em', where she done been. But nobody round-here seems to know - where my Marleena's been" "Ten long years I been lovin' her, ten long years and I thought deep-down in my heart she was miiiiiine" then there's a killer funky fiddle solo for like 10 minutes"

Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?

hmmm, no fooling.

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Weezy : The name of the song is "Sharleena", I think the version you are talking about is on The Lost Episodes, although there are killer versions of it on a number of his other albums as well.

Hamilton : Waka/Jakawaka, Grand Wazoo and especially Burnt Weeny Sandwich are some of Uncle Frank's sadly most underrated works, some of his best instrumental stuff is on those albums.

Rob Not Bob

Just like a penguin in bondage, boinggggggg .....

NP : Pink Floyd - Meddle

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