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need help! celebrity alliteration...


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okay. so i'm teaching civics for the first time.

tomorrow we're having a mock election to show how first-past-the-post works out, and d_rawk pointed out to me that it's not accurate to simply vote for parties, it's really PEOPLE you're voting for. who woulda thought?

so i've been racking(?) wracking (?) my brain, thinking of how to work this out. i've decided that using celebrity names might be fun and a way to help it stick in their sweet little brains.

so now the task of coming up with celebrity names! the parties i'm using on the ballots are liberals, conservatives, NDP, BQ and greens.

so far i've got 'liberal ludacris'. LUDA! hehe, yes i'm that cool.

so. any more suggestions?

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There should be at least one last name in common across all the parties, but with each party having it listed using a different/wacky spelling of the name. For example:

  • Boo-chard
  • Birchawed
  • Boot-chawed
  • Bouch-awred

and so on. And if it gets confusing for the candidates (so that people forget which person is "Boo-chard" and which "Boot-chawed", and whether they're at all related), so much the better.



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it's not accurate to simply vote for parties, it's really PEOPLE you're voting for.

I think it's a combination of party, local candidate, and leader of the party ie. = next Prime Minister.

ie. who a voter in a given riding decides who to vote for is based on which of the following they feel is more important, or in which combo...

- who they want to be their local representative

- what party they want to form gov't/which leader they want to be PM

...not trying to get all cerbral in my own merlot-induced haze, but I think this is pretty accurate...

ie. you may like the Green Party candidate, but when you look to the national picture, you really don't want the Liberals to form Gov't so you vote for Connie based on that....the whole strategic voting thing which is kinda good to get out there IMO...

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Absolutely, party concerns factor into the way people vote, and people may choose (and often *do* choose) a candidate based on that candidate's party affiliation. But these are kids who know nothing of how the election process functions, and probably are already walking around with the misconception that you get presented with a ballot that looks something like:

check one box below

[ ] Liberal Party

[ ] Conservatice Party of Canada

[ ] NDP

etc.., and many of whom are probably also under the impression that we vote for our PM directly in the way that the Americans directly elect their President.

Essentially, even in their mock election, they are going to be 'voting' based on how they feel about the various parties, because the 'candidates' are fictional and essentially only made up names. But it would be big disservice, I think, to furthur entrench the misconception that they are probably already operating under that when they do this for real, they are going to be presented with nothing but a list of party names.

As to why people pick the representatives they pick, I think Hux is totally right. That's the way I do it, too.

As for the 'merit' of strategic voting, I'm biting my tongue to avert a fight. ;)

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check one box below:

[ ] Liberal Party

[ ] more homework

i think many of the kids are already quite pro-liberal, despite this-and-that-scandal on the news. when i get frustrated and give them the fake-angry-squinty-eyed-glare, they tell me i look like that conservative leader [whose name i swear i have ne'er sullied in class... :P]

i suppose it's my job to try and help them gain a broader view!

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thanks for your help folks! the kids got a big kick out of it. "did you make up these names yourself, miss?" ;)

edit to add: and if you think of any more - feel free to throw them in. i'm teaching this course 3 more times this year and a few of the names i made up were weak.

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