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Oink Problems???


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from a different board.....

Around midnight isabella started having issues with collapsed in a total breakdown between our two servers

as of now both our IRC and Webpage are down but we're comming back

at the moment we're waiting for a reply from our host regarding the issue

so all the information we can give you at the moment is hang tight and maybe leave the internet and spend some time out in the real world until the pinky palace returns

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OiNK.me.uk is temporarily offline (both site and tracker).

When the site returns, sadly there will be some data loss, possibly substantial. This mainly affects torrents which are/were on the site, not users' statistics.

We will be going back to a database backup from the 9th of January, stats since then have been lost.

Unfortunately, we need to go back much further for the torrents and ones uploaded after December 30th will need to be reuploaded.

While we realise this will be a major inconvenience, it is the best we can do.

We're sorry for the downtime but please bear with us. This is not going to be a quick fix, expect at least a day of downtime.

The IRC server is available at irc.oink.me.uk:6667/OiNK.

OPP Staff

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