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Too many shows, too little quid....


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Really this is becoming an epidemic.

On the list:

Bright Eyes London

Black Crowes London

Wilco London

Lollapolooza Chicago

Hawksley WOrkman London

Off the List



BSS at Toronto Island


Abiguously Trey Duo Darrien

CTMF (can't go)

Umphrey's Anywhere

and loads more I'm forgetting/blocked out

Not to mention the tons of wee shows (heavy Trash, Small Sins etc)

Anyone else in upcoming musical overload!?!?!

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Oh yea, musical overload that is gonna blow my mind

Xavier Rudd (3 times possibly)

Crowes (hopefully)

CTMF (hopefully)

Mountain Jam

CSNY (twice)


Phil/Trey/Mike etc


Ten Thousand Lakes

and many more that I too am forgetting about...

I guess you could count Bela Fleck and Roger Waters, although those are in September

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I can never remember a period in time where a string of shows I'm interested in has been announced like the shows that have been announced in the last month or two.

Here's the in list of shows I'll be at for sure:

Black Crowes London

Come Together Music Festival

Tony Levin Hamilton

Fat Cats & Harvard Mouse Hamilton

ABB Niagara Falls Saturday Night

Phil & Friends, Trey, Mike, Marco, Joe Darien Lake

Lose Yer Shoes

Gathering of the Vibes

I'm sure some more will make it into the list of shows I'll be at. I decided to pass on CSNY and Roger Waters ... just not a big enough desire to see these shows, given the cost.

Peace, Mark

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In addition to recently catching Gilmour and Willie I am looking forward to more upcoming shows in the near future.

As of now I'm in for:

The Crowes in London


fatties & the mice


Phil & Friends, etc @ Darien (hopefully)

Lose Yer Shoes

Roger Waters

I'll probably try and fit a few more in there... we'll see. By the way, I still want to go to see Jerry Douglas tomorrow if anyone from Hammertown or surrounding region is interested in carpooling (i can drive). Otherwise I guess I'll be heading to Shannon Lyon at Pepperjacks

Also thanks for the reminder for the Bela show in September. It had slipped my mind... i hope you can still get decent tickets...

Enjoy your shows everyone!!

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