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Creation Museum

Kanada Kev

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The coverage on the linked site is great - thanks, KK.

I only caught the end of it on The Current, but I think this was the place being discussed this morning. I only heard the guy sitting in as the voice of science, whose name I missed, who nailed, imo, all the important points, viz.,

- this is not a museum, which would be a place concerned with presenting things for scientific evaluation;

- this nas nothing to do with science, which must remain open for objection and scrutiny, but uses science as a cover;

- these people are in a minority, even among evangelicals (no refs., apparently, to Intelligent Design, even, which is fine for old-Earth creationists), and

- this is just very annoying, but kind of funny at the same time.

I'm presently (and finally) reading Chris Hedges' American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America, though, and he makes the point pretty early on that it only takes that little band of the spectrum and the consent of the larger band for stupid things to take root (which is his explanation for the enormity of the changes in the US political landscape today).

Amazing, though, the intellectual violence some people submit themselves to.

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I bet most of you are all suckers.

Sucked into siding somewhere. How hard is it to draw the lines between eastern and western religion. 'the Old Testament - God's word through prophets'

how is that so much different than the dalai lama, shamens, and other enlightened people? Is it the approach or the hard answers - or is it the fight that you have to resist?

I think it's pretty silly to think it was one or the other. time is irrellevant and so is cultural bias.

I do like the entire 'museum' (they can be for history y';know mouse...) feel though. the whole theme is 'look how you fucked this beautiful planet up. You are inherently greedy. You're spending too much time figuring out the history of your intricate bloodlines and neglecting how you should be taking care of your family and city and local environment.'

Man started in the Jungle and spread out and was impure and doubted divinity. Humanity lessened itself. Is it such a stretch that the 3 wise men that came to bring gifts to Jesus were merely bringing him his belongings - something gold, some perfume from the east and incense from the temple. I believe that Jesus Christ could have been a buddha incarnate. I believe it may have all been intelligently designed - created. Created from existence in purity. The will to be - to grow, to have a specific intent even if it is sublime or elusively described.

Perhaps that intent is harsh to some people that feel god's wrath. Bad karma. god smote him for being a fucker. Nature rained on his parade. It's so easy to personify that energy as aone of judgement but that energy is transferred around them, before or after its end. as Time is unimportant. Someone once said that Time exists to prevent everything from happening at once. Life intends to exist at any time and greed exists any time we try to direct our existence. Greed does not exist when we are focusing on existing purely.

Why fight back? Just make a difference from your position.

polluted air isn't just ruining the climate but it's just plain unhealthy. It's not natural. When people stop doing whatever they can 'because' or because it is possible or probable and do them with intent and integrity we will start making progress.

Silly humans fucking the world up. Nothing changes.

Eat that fruit. Eat it all up. You'll be nice and fat for a serpent. Relax...it will be far easier The ever vigilant Mouse constricted - choked out - Stopped and swallowed. Enjoy your seeds while you can - nourishing - plentiful. To be eaten.

Prey - to God.

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hamilton caught me in a brainfart
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I'll have to wait till the morning to get back to your points, Beats - I'm really tired right now, and there are way too many threads there to sort through - but in brief, my sense is that the folks who are behind this "museum" might, were the cultural and legal resources available to them, have you burned for pantheism (not to speak of heresy and blasphemy, from their point of view).

I find it funny, but there's something deeply humourless about these folks.

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and don't worry about being timely dr. mouse. I may no be online for ages.

I quite like seeing religious stories as I have no reason not specifically refute and renounce. We're a conduit for god - all sentient beings. Yes I eat some ofthose conduits for dinner so I am not without shortcomings but I also love every morsel.

Especially salmon belly. So far the best Kama I've had is the block east of my work. I've felt so much vitality surge through me. I wanted to swim up a river fo some reason.

I find it hard to blindly accept that God didn't go through a few rounds of testing to perfect that fish. I bet prehistoric salmon was a lot tougher.

but something would've thought it was just as delicious. After all they don't make 'em quite like they used to.

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Bible-based museum uses dinosaurs to tell Earth's history on theme-park scale

Published: Saturday, May 26, 2007 | 5:29 AM ET

Canadian Press: DYLAN T. LOVAN

Adam and Eve fall from grace and Noah survives an epic flood at a new museum that tells the Bible's version of history on a theme-park scale.

But the scene near the front lobby might stop a puzzled paleontologist in his tracks: a pair of ancient children frolic just a few feet away from a group of friendly dinosaurs.

That exhibit, among others, has earned the Creation Museum notoriety among skeptics and anticipation from believers who are expected to pack its halls when it opens on Monday.

"We wanted to show people there's no mystery with dinosaurs, we can explain them," said Ken Ham, founder of the nonprofit ministry Answers in Genesis that built the $27 million facility near Cincinnati, Ohio, which is near the Kentucky border.

Scientists say there is a gulf of millions of years between man and the giant lizards, but according to the Creation Museum, they lived in harmony just a few thousand years ago. It is part of the literal interpretation of the Bible adopted by Ham and other creationists.

"People are just fascinated by dinosaurs, but they've sort of become synonymous with millions of years and evolution," he said.

Evolution is derided at the 5,600-square-metre facility, packed with high-tech exhibits designed by an acclaimed theme-park artist, animatronic dinos and a huge wooden ark. In this Old Testament version of history, dinosaurs appeared on the same day God created other land animals.

The museum also contains fossils, hung in large glass cases in a room visitors spill into after taking a tour of Old Testament history. Ham said most fossils were created by the massive flood detailed in the book of Genesis.

"The Bible doesn't talk about fossils, but it gives you a basis for understanding why there are fossils around the world," he said.

Ham said the stories of the Bible are supported by science, a notion that has drawn the ire of science educators around the country.

"They make such a point of trying to make it appear scientific," said Lawrence Krauss, a physics professor, author and critic of the museum. "Instead of shying away from those things that clearly disprove what they're trying to say, they use those things for deception."

Krauss, a professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said the exhibits rival those of a "very fancy natural history museum," making them enticing to young visitors.

Fancy might best describe the facility's multimedia rooms, where no expense is spared. After a stop at its digital planetarium, museum guides steer visitors into a 200-seat special-effects theatre with seats that quiver as the sound system rumbles. Up on the screen, two angelic characters proclaim to the audience that "God loves science!"

But the creation story found in Genesis is the centrepiece of the museum. Patrons walk through a lush recreation of the Garden of Eden, see life-sized models of Adam and Eve frolic and then get banished. Then it's on to the era of the Great Flood, where animatronic workers are busy building Noah's giant ark, which rises two or three stories inside the museum.

Ham enlisted Patrick Marsh, designer of the animatronic "Jaws" monster at Universal Studios in Florida, to oversee the exhibits. When fully staffed, the building will house about 160 museum workers, along with an additional 140 employees at the Answers in Genesis headquarters attached to the Creation Museum.

Ham started the ministry in his native Australia, and came to northern Kentucky in the early 1990s with the idea of building a museum that could stand as a beachhead for creationist study.

He had plenty of supporters, who helped fund the museum, allowing it to open free of debt. Ham said the museum received three gifts topping $1 million.

"Christians across this nation see this place as a rallying point," Ham said. They "recognize that we live in a culture that no longer believes the Bible is true."

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I court the risk of spending the rest of the day linking to Biblical theme parks around the world; I'll limit myself to our local one - Logos Land

What I find interesting about that park's web site is that nowhere could I find that it was a religious/biblical park. Aside from the mentioning that it is alcohol-free, and that one building looks like an ark (that can hold all of those dinosaurs ) they keep the religion "hidden". Is that by plan? Hmmmmmm.

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BRIAN: Have you seen some of the dopes that take shop?

BENDER: I take shop...you must be a fuckin' idiot!

BRIAN: I'm a fuckin' idiot because I can't make a lamp?

BENDER: No, you're a genius because you can't make a lamp...

BRIAN: What do you know about Trigonometry?

BENDER: I could care less about Trigonometry...

BRIAN: Bender, did you know without Trigonometry there'd be no engineering?

BENDER: Without lamps, there'd be no light!

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nothing worth commenting about?

We may not feel the need to comment, there being no void to fill as the glass would be neither half full or half empty. It would just be.

And I would use it to drink some pernod.

I have a feeling there would still be expression, mouse. Perhaps you find it hard to identify with having less to approach with your extensive Knowledge. (no i didn't intend to use purple there - this is a friendly thread)

In that though there would likely be more focus on experiencing the subtle nuances of every moment rather than trying to include others in our own experiences in record or creation.

That is just my (presumably) nearsighted, idealistic logic.

but yes, hardline creationists and evolutionists both have their shortcomings and neither group is willing to look at both sides of the coin - they're just fighting over its currency when it could easily be money well spent.

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