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ISO bill frisell extra for tonight


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Possibly the best Bill Frisell show I've seen (though my bias may have made me enjoy Frisell/Breit from '01 better).

The three of them were so on all night. They were locked in one of those psychic nights imoprov guys reach once in a while. They were obviously having a ball. It was a very 'Gone Like A Train" kind of show, with a few covers (You Are My Sunshine, Masters Of War) thrown in. I was on the fence about this show and very glad I went.

I spoke with Bill afterwards and he remembers the Breit show warmly. As an afterthought I asked him if Gary Larsen was a good guitarist (they are good friends and Larsen retired from Far Side to focus on jazz guitar full-time). He said Gary is a good player but that he lacks motivation to get anything done. I guess that killer day job he used to have might have something to do with it.

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He actually got into cartooning 'cuz he went to NYC for a gig that fell through and he had to make some money to get back home.


tells a somewhat different story:

According to Larson in his anthology, "The Prehistory of the Far Side", he was working in a music store when he realized that he hated his job and took two days off to reflect on his career. During that time, he drew six cartoons and submitted them to "Pacific Search" (now "Pacific Northwest Magazine"), a Seattle-based magazine. After contributing to another local Seattle paper, in 1979 Larson submitted his work to The Seattle Times. His work was published weekly under the title "Nature’s Way" (it was placed next to the "Junior Jumble").

To supplement his income, Larson worked for the Humane Society. Larson soon decided he could increase his income from cartooning by selling his strip to another newspaper. Taking his vacation in San Francisco, Larson pitched his work to the San Francisco Chronicle. To Larson’s surprise, the Chronicle bought the strip and promoted it for syndication, renaming it "The Far Side". This all occurred a week before the Seattle Times dropped Nature’s Way.

Gary Larson stopped the Far Side to play guitar?



Larson chose to end the cartoon because he felt it was getting repetitive, and didn't want it to descend into what he called the "Graveyard of Mediocre Cartoons".



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