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Ottawa Tulip festival?


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they don't do the band thing? what's the point in going then? to see Salman rushdie get assasinated?

(i hope for my peace of mind he doesn't cause i'd hate to get a knock on the door tonight by the police...It'd be a great excuse to make coffee but a bit imposing a visit)

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no, they ruined Tulip Fest starting last year I believe. It's a giant cheesy travelogue and "Idea Festival." Gee, would the majority of people wanna spend $50+ to sit in a tent to listen to pretentious speakers talk about nothing stuff the majority of people don't care about, or do you wanna laze around, drink, and see bands and be social (not stuffy) in a sweet location in the nice weather (or rain)? Yeah. Good work stupid organizers. F off, you ruined Spring.

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some people came out but it was never touted as a solid music fest all the years i was around town.

I think I'd have been into the fest 80% of the nights just for the music if I'd have lived in the city. Usually only went to one show, but I was out of the city and it was inconvenient otherwise.

Maybe there's enough rich book readers to pay for stuff like that, but it seems to have ruined it for me too. Plus, the website blows now. I'm not impressed. Music means you have to have a better looking website. I guess ideas don't necessitate design and finish either.

It probably works well for them, but it'd be a great opportunity to get Dutch bands to North America. It could easily be a huge success in fostering an artistic partnership...

(do the organizers lurk here?? I hope so.)

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the festival came close to going bankrupt a few years ago (or maybe they even did). Either way, they had a major budget cut which is why they got rid of the music thing. That's too bad, cause it was always a lot of fun and a great price. Some of the bands i recall seeing:

New Deal (in the freezing cold/snow/rain)

Bruce Cockburn on a beautiful sunny afternoon(whose show the previous year was cancelled due to cold weather. there were flurries that day. this was the day after the New Deal show)

Rheostatics (Bidini was pissed about something IIRC)

Guess Who


Sharon Bram and Friends (and got to meet them afterwards!)

Robert Munsch

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