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anyone on here in a band that would be interested in playing a short set (free, sorry :) ) downtown to commemmorate the 20th anniversary of 8/8/88, the massacre of burmese students and protestors by the military. ?

We need a band to play for the first event at the Human Rights Monument on Aug. 8. (We will have two events. One will start around 4 or 5pm at the monument. Then the second event in Coucil Chamber at 7pm.)

let me know if you know anyone interested! :)

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20th Anniversary of Burmese Democracy Movement

August 8, 2008 is the 20th Anniversary of Burmese democracy movement. Millions of people across the country rose up against the totalitarian regime, calling for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma. The nation-wide movement, known as “8888 uprisingâ€, was brutally cracked down by the military junta, killing more than 3,000 people. To commemorate this historic occasion, the Canadian Friends of Burma is planning to do numerous activities including the followings on August 8, 2008:

· Proclamation of “Burma Day†in the City of Ottawa

· Hoisting the symbol of Burmese democratic flag, “fighting peacockâ€

· Screening film and documentaries e.g. “Beyond Rangoon,†and “Inside Burma, Land of Fearâ€

· Photo Exhibitions on “8.8.88 uprising†in Burma

· Production of CD album (song tracks contributed by Canadian musicians)

· Demonstration in front of Burmese and Chinese Embassy

If you want to get involved, please contact CFOB office at 613-237-8056, or email at cfob@cfob.org

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