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Or you could cough up the money to pay sirius since it's only what, $165/year or $15/month and they do provide a good service :)

Lol, the site is a good idea, though, I was just bugging ya there. I can see the use of it for a few other things too (sites that have to be signed up for and require activation but that you'll only ever use once or anything like that which could turn your actual email into a spam sponge).

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For example, if you want a three day free trial to listen to Sirius online, you could use this site to do so. You can do this every 3 days.

THANKS!! I want to listen to the live Springsteen they have going, however this didn't work for me. When you enter a "@bsnow.net" email address to sign in Sirius it relplied that it was an invalid email address :(

I'll try again in a bit.

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