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Barking Puppy advice


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Hey ya'll.

Just picked up a new pup. she's 9 weeks old and i'm in the process of crate training her. she spends the morning and afternoon in there and barks non-stop. I go home at lunch to let her out as well. wondering if anyone has advice aside from the usual (patience, toys, tiring her out...)

I'm certain it'll stop, just curious if any of you have any tips.


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c-towns. do that, doesn't work. even put the fan on for the "hum" but no good.

Karin, tried the blanket, she chewed the shit out of it. I don't go back in the house.

just gonna take time i'm guessing.

there won't be pictures, i don't have a camera.

keep it coming...

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A couple things that worked for us:

- Kongs with treats stuffed inside keeps them occupied for a while

- "scaring" your dog with a loud noise when they bark in the crate (seems a little cruel, but it can work...you have to be out of site though so they don't know its you

- never open the crate door to let them out when they are barking...reward them by letting them out when they are quiet.

I'm not sure if you are a new dog owner, but I found this book to be amazingly helpful:

Good Owners, Great Dogs

I know this may not benefit you because you are having problems when you leave, but we found bringing her crate into our bedroom at night to be close to us cut down on the nightime barking as well.

Hopefully something will work!

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Thanks folks :)

C-towns: not gonna use those collars. maybe i'll try an alarm clock with the loud "tic toke"

Photo: she doesn't bark at night but haven't been keeping her in the crate, only my bedroom. I think the crate at night is gonna have to start happening though to keep her thinking it's her home. with the door open, maybe. I've been doing 2 hour stints in the kennel when i'm home and she's totally good with it. let her out and she pees on cue...the barking is ONLY when i'm not there. I'm going to try waking up at 6 instead of 7 and give her a good old tiring walk i think...see if that works.

"she'll grow out of it" seems to be my final answer here.

thanks again!

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don't make a big deal when you leave. say goodbye to her 10 minutes before you go, then ignore her. when you come in, don't make a big deal either - wait ten minutes, let her out and don't reward her if she barks / jumps up in that time.

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