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I love you Dima


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Thread got out of hand and ended a PT relationship in most hilarious manner



Posted: 07/30/09 5:22PM ET

me: hey girl when you guna let me tap that?

girl: um...

me: that's not an answer

girl's BF: knock off the sexual advances bro ;)

girl to me: well, uh, what are you doing later?

me to girl: gettin busy witchu

me to BF: stop cock-blocking

BF to me: obviously kidding man.

girl: i think you have me confused with the chick in that picture on [bF's] phone

me: susan boyle?

girl: now i'm confused.

me: the lady from that talent show.

girl: seriously tho mofo, do you have plans for tonight? i'm sposed to meet [friend] & [other friend] at the cellar at 7:30, you should come



Posted: 07/31/09 9:58AM ET

so yesterday i am working, and my girl G-chats with me ... tells me her friend that is about to move away sends her a text saying something to the tune of "hey girl when you gonna let me tap that" ... I sent him one back telling him to back off and she assured me she told him to go screw, but seriously, i know this kid pretty good.

now I know before we started dating dude would occassionally give her the drunken "wanna make out" line ... and so forth, but is thi scalled for, out of line, WTF

what should I do PT ... I am thinking I might need to start something before he moves

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Me: When you gonna let me tap that?

Her: When you finally take me out to dinner.

Me: Really? Thats all I have to do!?

Her: That and stop being an asshole.

I thought this girl hated me, and I was hoping for something funny. Apparently shes been crushing and thought I knew. Now I do. Thanks PT.


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