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EPL 2009-2010 (and other soccer stuff)

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Baaaaaah! I watched it and Eduardo was hacked down so brutally and ruthlessly that I'm surprised he had the strength to take the penalty. Courageous and gutsy effort in my opinion. Celtic's keeper should have been red carded, fucking savage!

Champions League Groups

Group A

Bayern / Juventus / Bordeaux / Mac.Haifa

Group B

Man United / CSKA Mos. / Besiktas / Wolfsburg

Group C

AC Milan / Real Madrid / Marseille / FC Zurich

Group D

Chelsea / FC Porto / Atl.Madrid / APOEL

Group E

Liverpool / Lyon / Fiorentina / Debreceni

Group F

Barcelona / Inter Milan / Dyn.Kiev / Rubin Kazan

Group G

Sevilla / Rangers / Stuttgart / Uni.Urziceni

Group H

Arsenal / AZ Alkmaar / Olympiakos / Standard

No complaints here.

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Eduardo's a god damn warrior with a thresh hold for pain few men in history could equal. I was choking back tears when he rose to feet and scored.

And, Eduardo can go and F**k himself. What a piece of Horse-s**t.


Here's hoping you’re just as indignant next time Drogba goes down like he's been shot. :)


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Football365 mailbox:

I think I read somewhere that they do this in the German league but if I dreamt it I am happy to claim this as my own idea...!!

Taking last night's events as the freshest example, Eduardo goes down in the box and appeals for a penalty. Referee then takes Eduardo on one side and quickly asks him if he was brought down and if it really was a penalty. If he then confesses that it really wasn't, it is put down as a rash 'spur of the moment' act and a free-kick is awarded to Celtic and no further action is taken.

If Eduardo said he was brought down by the goalkeeper then the penalty is awarded but with Eduardo knowing it will be looked at after the game.

A panel of referees look at the footage and if Eduardo was found to have lied to the ref on the pitch then he gets an automatic five-game ban. If it inconclusive or he is right, no further action taken.

Lets start testing the honesty of the players and putting the burden on them rather than the overworked officiating team.

Matt Clark

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The only thing the referee should have asked Eduardo is if his leg was broken and would he be needing an amubulance.

All jokes aside no one likes seeing a dive, maybe Eduardo's just thoroughly freaked out after the leg incident.....


(no, not really but it's the going excuse on the Arsenal boards)

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I was pretty confident after seeing Carr slip that it was matter of fate from that point. The anticipation was glorious.

Then again, I could just as easily have been writing something like "Same old Spurs" right now. Lucky for sure.

Now does Harry look for a keeper before the deadline?

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Talk about 2 undeserved goals, ManU got lucky as well. I really didnt think Rooney deserved a penalty when he went down on the live shot. Harsh call simply because I didnt think he had a true scoring opportunity based on his first touch. Replays proved nothing to me since they were all slowed down. I will have to see that one run again in real speed.

Eboue with a fackngsissy dive, he totally deserved a yellow and that finish was videogameesque.

I cant believe how many matches I have had a chance to watch this year. I think I have seen more Prem games this year than all of last season! I guess that's what people do when they are able to get up before noon or have the use of a PVR.

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Eduardo received a 2 match ban yest for diving.


Hopefully UEFA can be consistent with this. I'm all for starting the Champions League campaign with a nice a precedent, they just better follow through fairly and consistently.


I mean, SCREW THAT! Eduardo didn't dive, he was tripped! And even if he did, the ref should be sanctioned for blowing the call and at most Eduardo should have been yellowed.

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