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Wooo! That was a TOTAL blast. Amazing weather, amazing grounds, amazing company. The jam we had going around the fire was so, so good. Stand up bass, mandolins, banjos, fiddles, guitars, tons of sweet vocals. At one point there had to easily be 60+ people that gathered round for some listenin'

Our son also had a fantastic time. Great swimming and lots of wonderful kiddies runnin' around. C-towns' daughter handled the kid's stage like a pro!

I'd definitely go back.

No lynch mob factor in my vicinity I'm happy to say. They would have had a hard time pushing through all the good vibes me thinks.

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I had sooooo much fun playing with everyone for the 3 nights I was there. Easily 4-5 hours each night.

Apologies are in order for my drunken-lost dog yelling Sunday morning though. Lessons were learned :) I do hate being "that guy."

Not sure where the lynch mob reference came from. I've been the last 4 years and have seen nothing of the sort. Probably just need to stay away from RV land.


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I used to attend annually, until that fateful year when an unprovoked drunken lynch mob assaulted one in our party with an axe, resulting in drawn blood and POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS tape going up around our campsite.

Interviews with OPP meant missing the rest of the festival. The festival organizers did not offer apologies or refunds, and months later when the perpetrators went to court, the case was dropped because of a deal they struck to turn in one of their buddies- a local drug dealer.

Sweet Tottenham good 'ol boy Justice!

It is a beautiful place for a festival, swimming in behind the stage, campground set in the rolling hills... I'm glad to hear the good vibes are overwhelming the Tottenham Clan, preventing them from expressing their hatred towards hippies these days.

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WHOA!! that's a crazy story dude. glad there were no serious injuries.

the "hippie" site was where all of the major jams were this year. we've got them fuckers outnumbered now!!

funny tidbit....with all the hippie-grass goin' on at our site one fella turns to me after a song and says, "I haven't heard any of these god-damned songs" and walks away. :)

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That is a TERRIBLE story Nibbler. I'm thankful I didn't get one iota of a whiff of that.

I think a lot of the greybeards and traditionalists were appreciating our jams though judging by the number of them that stuck around to listen.

My favourite of them all was that super sweet older lady that showed up earlier at our site asking Rusty to tune her relatively recently deceased husband's guitar up so that it could be played throughout the festival. She almost had me in tears.

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Yeah, that was a great festival - great folks!! great jams!!

That was one of the coolest things I'd heard of when that lady wanted Rusty to play her late husband's guitar on Sat night! What an honour. Now that's an onion moment!

The mandolin player who joined the jam on Sat night from Nothin' Fancy was seriously smokin'!! wow!

Funny - one of the old-timers said he loved our jams cause he had never heard any of the songs before. On the other hand you get a taste of a true old-schooler when you hear;

at our site one fella turns to me after a song and says, "I haven't heard any of these god-damned songs" and walks away. :)

doesn't want to hear anything but John Henry or Red-Haired Boy or Little Maggie or Bury me Beneath the Willow (you get my point) and wants it played the same way every time - whether it's Del McCoury Band playing it or the Shit River Band.

Anyways, awesome time had - be back for sure next year!

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