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Kingswood '87 - 23 years ago today!!

Kanada Kev

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my first show as well. had no idea what to expect. really knew nothing wbout the whole deadhead phenomenon. I owned Workingman's Dead and decided to see the band.

actually missed the first few songs due to long line ups. was amazed at all the tye dye, etc. and people keeping track of the songs! I had my own notebook a couple of years later and was doing the same thing!

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sbd cass that has been circulating for a number of years. (i can up a copy to ya if you can't d/l it from the archive.org site).

They really were fucking with the sound at that show too. Really tripped me out ;) Spacey sounds at the beginning of 2nd set, the motorcyle sound that was really loud at one point, swirling vocal effects.

Fire on the Mountain as the bright red sun was setting behind the fake mountain at Wonderland.

MMMMMMMgoodtimes ;)

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First show :) . I'd finally started to be properly introduced to them, and a good friend found me a ticket for this one. The bus we were on took every possible back road between KW and Toronto to avoid drawing suspicion to the goings-on inside, and we were late when we got there. I knew just enough songs to start to get it, though the Space (what were those sounds?) > Other One stood out especially. What's that thing about youth being wasted on the young?

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