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'Gimme Shelter' isolated tracks


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Is there a difference between viewing material online and downloading it?

not really. Downloading is always happening. Data is transferring from the website to you and then you view it on your monitor, or listen to it through your speakers/headset.

If you save it for offline viewing, you're saving the copy that you downloaded.

this is why Hulu doesn't work in canada. they don't want you viewing content that isn't meant to be shown to you without appropriate licenses and advertising.

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So if I watch a Metallica video on youtube I am potentially liable for ilegally downloading copyrighted material?

Not if Metallica allowed it to be there. Some bands have their own video channels on YouTube, for example.

IN GENERAL you're safe with YouTube. Typically when an "illegal" video gets posted the copyright owner requests that it be taken down and you'll see that it's no longer available.

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You won't find any Prince up there either. if anyone puts it up, the Prince army finds it and reports it to google/youtube.

I don't think anyone's going to get in trouble for watching copyrighted material on Youtube.

Google on the other hand would be in trouble if they continued to make copyrighted material available on YouTube.

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