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Oh Dears, I need Moe insight...


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Moe tonight...The Dears tomorrow night. I can't afford both.

I saw Moe open for Phil Lesh and didn't like them. People say don't judge them by that performance so I won't. I heard a bit of their live stuff the other day and it was ok but didn't grab me by the balls. But to be fair, I should see them as a headliner and give them a chance to wow me.

The Dears played at Hillside and were damn fine. I hear them all over CBC and CKCU and I like them. The show is $12 as opposed to $20.

I need to decide which show to go to because I can't afford both.

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Yeah, so I'm glad I went and as the K-Dog said the Dears will be around plenty. Moe. did indeed give me the sonic teabagging I deserved.

Booche, I took a piss next to you and heard you say "I can't believe they're playing in my hometown!". Sorry I didn't shake your hand but it was in my pants.

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