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Does anybody know where I can download some vintage BNB?


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Just found these tapes... converting them to digital files and getting them online as soon as I can.

2.26.1997 outpost (opening for Ginger)

9.11.1998 outpost

7.11.1997 harbourfront tbay (4 pc)

4.9.1997 set 2 outpost

2.18.1999 set 1, 3 banff

2.20.1999 set 3 banff

1.31.1997 scandals (scott farmer's first show)

9.5.1997 set 2 outpost

4.6.1999 red dog set 2

4.10.1999 horseshoe tavern

Along with these tapes I already gave to Brad.


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7 years ago, yesterday:

Burt Neilson Band

November 10, 2006

The Opera House

Toronto, ON

By the Door

These Days >

The Bench >

Yellow Pants[1]

banter / Andrew Rodriguez intro

Finer Than Fine Print[2]


Stop Draggin My Heart Around[3]

Full Tilt[4]

Hungry Heart[5]

banter / Fat Cats intro

Rotan[6] >


St Andrews

In the Belly


Fresco Lopez >

Revolution Blues[8] >

Fresco Lopez

Stuck Inside[9]

Down with the Sound[10]

Glad Tidings[11]

Whipping Post[12]

10-year belt banter


Stop 28

first call for encore / thanks

Acadian Driftwood[13]

Funkin Shoes[14]

second call for encore

Don't Do It[15]


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