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Phish: Worcester, Massachusetts


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Holy shit! Did everyone see this setlist yet? Wow, what a show! And, it looks like the Cincinnati show made it into the lyrics of this one! Holy macaroni!



Worcester Centrum Centre - Worcester, Massachusetts

Set I: You Enjoy Myself* > Clone**, Roggae, Drifting***, Blue Skies****,

The Moma Dance, Final Flight^, Maze

Set II: Stash, Ghost^^ > Makisupa Policeman^^^ > Ya Mar, Guyute, Waves,

Prince Caspian^^^^ -> Frankenstein, Golgi Apparatus%

Encore: Loving Cup%%

* - vocal jam included the word "Clone" and the start of the song


** - first time played - written by Mike Gordon and originally

performed by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon

*** - first time played - originally performed by Trey Anastasio

**** - first time played - originally performed by Pork Tornado

^ - first time played - originally performed by Vida Blue

^^ - with "Low Rider" tease / jam

^^^ - with the lyrics "Woke up this morning... and my hotel was burning

down" - believed to be in reference to a hotel fire at the

Radisson in Cincinnati

^^^^ - unfinished

% - with "Frankenstein" teases

%% - ending dragged out to finish the show

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"k...don't flame me ppl...but is it just me or are there a lot of repeats on this tour???"

Its just you. Everytime an album comes out, expect heavy play from it. Aside from that, the boys are doing a pretty good job this tour. I have seen FAR more repition in the past, and I have also enjoyed the creativity of these setlists.


Holy smokes, that is going to sound sweet-ass!

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I'd say theres definitely been a bunch of repeats but overall these setlists look amazing! Can't wait to hear some of 'em.

Just wondering, how many of you have bought any of these shows off of LivePhish.Com so far?

I haven't bought any yet (as I'm trying to conserve what little money I have left) but the urge is killin me! Soon I'm gonna crack.

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Distict lack of weoo weoo weoo loops by trey on this one. They have stood true to their word and have come back rockin as ever. No flim flam spacey shit.

I hate to think this way because who can ever tell what phish is capable of, but i believe this is the year that people will be talking about forever in phish history. Dare i compare the phish history to the dead ( i know i shouldn't) but this tour is quickly shaping up to resemble the '77 tour which is, in my own opinion of course, the year when the dead turned it loose. Don't crucify me for the comparison but i have never heard so many amazing setlists night after night before. Exciting times my friends.

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It doesn't seem like there are that many repeats to me, at least not compared to a few years back. But as for this being "the year" and all the setlists being great, I agree. The catch being that I agree because of the hiatus, not because they are all my requests. Its been a long time since I've seen phish, and so a lot of the stuff that would have made me remember to go take a leak is sounding sweet.... thats my two cents anyways...

I'm sure that once we get into the summer we can start bitching about setlists and repeats and Bouncin' and what not... for now I'll just keep looking at setlists and remembering songs that I forgot existed (I own next to no phish boots and listen to even less...)

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There aren't too many repeats at all. In Worcester I saw 4 songs I never saw Phish play before. If that was the case every show after seeing 50 I would love it!!!

Some songs are always being repeated - the big set closers (Antelope, Char 0, etc) and some large tunes (YEM, Ghost, Guyute, etc). Its not like they have been playing the same songs over and over each night. Compare Phish to any other touring band and see how much variety the other bands have in their sets. Most bands play the exact same thing each night.

The worcester show was amazing, and I was glad to be there. Vegas was fun too, but the second set in Worcester was rocking. The first set was fun with the new tunes, but the james in Set II were what I love about this band. If they repeat that every night I'll be there as much as possible!


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