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crazy americans


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Maybe some of you hvae heard about operation peacepipe, or op. headhunter, basically its a war on bongs, they shut down a bunch of glassblowing studios, shut down dozens of headshops in a bunch of states, all this while theyre on orange alert for terrorist attacks. I dont know but it seems like theyre harnessing their energy in the wrong direction?

heres a few quotes from an article

’Mr. Ashcroft says customers who want to visit some of their favorite drug paraphernalia websites are in for a big surprise in the days ahead. They will be automatically redirected to the website for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.’

In essence the DEA is going to usurp the freedom of speech and expression of the people who run those seized websites. This would be akin to the U.S. Dept of Justice redirecting the ‘aclu.org’ website to the ‘usdoj.gov’ website.

And then there are the serious privacy issues involved if the DEA redirects the seized websites, since they'll be logging all visitors, obtaining their IP address and other highly personal information.”

intense.........how bout we all sing oh canada and thank our govt.

full article

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Did anyone see the toronto sun around xmas? the front page said merry cannibis, hd a pic of a guy with an oz and a lit J in his face,, article said its legal to possess 30 and under, just a fine.

since then theres been a few cases thrown out of toronto courts because there is NO law in any book that says its illegal to possess under 30G for personal

we are closer then ever

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What does a yellow light mean?

"Sloooooooow done"

That isnt quite what lawyers are fighting, because it is against the law to possess the evil stinkbud.

What they are fighting, is that there isnt a law in place that says who can, and who cant possess it, I think. If you get drilled by a cop, its gonna cost you some coin to win that case, but that is another guess.

We are close, but not that close.

All I am saying, is "be careful"

A cop can plant any charge on you he/she wants, and then it is your word, against theirs.

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i got alot thrown right out of court, 2 oz, busted into lots of bags

my word against theirs

just gotta know yoru rights, and you know theyll try to trap you so why not play their game against them. im not a hardened criminal or nothin but it makes sense to me anyways

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If 9-11 had never happened, the attorney general, John Ashcroft, would have started doing this from the get-go.

He is an ultra-orthodox right-wing Christian.

He insisted on the statue of Justice be covered with a tarp because it happens to depict a woman with naked breasts (gasp!?)

He doesn't DANCE ( it's sinful)!?!

Not only is he the top cop in the country, he sees himself as THE moral policeman who will stop at nothing to purge the States of all that is wicked and sinful (y'know, the things most sinners enjoy [Wink] )

Screw terrorism, the bigger enemy are those who lead wicked immoral lives.

Just a thought: With most of our armed forces away for the moment, would it be possible for Canada to invade the States. C'mon help a brother out. Peace

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